6v6 trial run when?

Are you serious right neow? For Blizzard, balancing a game is rocket science. Do you really think it could be possible to simply ban another shield tank once somebody locked in a shield tank?

Are you high? 6v6 ruined my life and you want double shields? If you want to shoot shields all day double shield I suggest that you double shield doubleshield play arcade or doubleshield shoot a wall irl. You ARE CLEARLY a bad player if you think there is doubleshield anything wrong with 5v5. Blizzard is perfect doubleshielddoubleshieldAAAAAAAAA and so is 5v5.

It’s about 60/40 on forum, as in people who like 5v5 vs 6v6. And forum mostly consists of people who are unhappy with the game. Those who enjoy mostly just play the game and have no time for forum.

Fixed it for you :slightly_smiling_face: I think pink mercy’s threads were bigger. I could be wrong though.

Check reddit. I feel confident that if the entire player-base who played both OW1 and OW2 were asked… it would be about 50/50.

Enough to say that there are thousands of players whom are displeased with the inferior product.

We tried 6v6 for years. It was garbage.


I was thinking of this

Or you know, common sense? OW1 had very well documented issues. OW2 has a different set of issues. It’s not really hard to see.

Okie dokie, buddy. You can believe that if you really want to.

Yeah because that’s totally what I said or was hinting at. :roll_eyes:

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idk man, got game of the year, first fps to ever do so believe? Was the game we all fell in love with, can’t have been that garbage. Do we see Overwatch 2 getting game of the year at all?


Yes, it was garbage.

GOTY awards mean to me as much as the fly I squashed this morning. It’s a useless piece of marketing, done by journalists patting themselves on the back while a hype ceremony markets the next triple A game.

It’s worth as much as the MTV “best kiss” award.

Sooo… Encourage others to buy shares in the company to get notifications of shareholder meetings that you can vote on. Vote to cause problems with :cow2: :poop: ActiBlizz is trying to get away with. Blast TF out of social media of what they’re up to and trying to get away with for even more awareness. :nail_care:

Fun fact with the voting. Lots of stuff companies get really criticized for shows up. They always recommend that shareholders vote in their favor, and for people that don’t vote, their vote defaults to voting in their favor.

Whatever the number is I couldn’t tell you, but I don’t even have a full share in one company and I get those notifications all the time to attend/vote in shareholder meetings for it.

Considering how braindead easy it is to farm supports in the backlines of teams, changes need to happen sooner rather than later. Mindlessly pressing W into a team’s backline should be a death sentence, not a feature. If they aren’t going to re-introduce off-tanks or CC, then they need to let supports be capable of defending themselves.


Not what I believe, it’s what I know. Of course when any game doesn’t get any substantial update or additional content for a long period of time, people are gonna get bored and hard focus on its flaws. All games have flaws but we forget about them when the game is constantly updated and getting new content.

OW1 didn’t have anything slightly new for almost 3 years.

See my answer above. The main issue with what you call “OW2” is that it’s not a new game. 80-90% of its content is taken from OW1 (a game most people like you criticize but still indirectly play since the October 4th update left us with the exact same game).

If “OW2” had the same amount of new content OW1 had on Day One of its release, then there would less controversies at first. People are currently starving for content and it’s only been a month since the update…

I was just highlighting that the main issue with the last 3 years of OW1 was the lack of content which is again the exact same issue on OW2 : Lack of content.

The idea to improve a game people constantly complain about would be to add a lot of content on a regular basis so they’re too busy playing the game than emphasizing every single problem of said game ('cause as I already said multiple times : all games have flaws, none are perfect).

Blizzard and devs made a huge mistake releasing that low amount of content (for so much wait from the playerbase). They’d better release a great (and substantial - not repetitive) PVE mode in 2023 or else they’ll get even more backlash (which would be completely deserved as they didn’t hold their promise from 2019).

Let’s not forget OW2 wasn’t something that the playerbase wanted (the roadmap from 2016 to 2019 suited us just fine). We followed the bandwagon 'cause we were promised the moon and the stars on OW2. Proof is today we were being lied to all along.

PS : Don’t call me buddy and try to belittle me so you feel superior. That’s not how you win arguments, it shows the exact opposite.

It was NOT a BALANCE problem. They nerfed orisa and sigma MANY TIMES and the meta didn’t shift

You’re repeating lies to yourself, it was a synergy problem, synergy

Oh yeah one friend of mine got to GM one tricking symmetra, so symmetra must be good right?

Orisa/rein still sucks, and the other ones i talked about suck even more

Bap dmg is fine and so is moira learn to aim Moira can literally fade and bap has immortality field learn to aim better and use your cd correctly and flankers shouldn’t be a problem

The easiest solution to keep or bring back six man teams is make it so if there’s more than one shield close to each other they immediately share a HP pool, which is half of whatever has the greater pool. So if Rein tries to stack his with Sigma’s, let’s say 1200 HP versus 1000, then both shields have 600 HP. Or just relegate shield based tank as main tank and those without as off tank. Though, you’d have to tone down their damage a good bit because if you add an off tank to the main tank as they stand now that would be a bloody nightmare to fight.

Actually I just find making it so only 1 barrier could be selected for each comp or role queue game would have been the best way to handle that. Someone picks Rein, well then the other tank can not pick a barrier tank.

They could have expanded that even further… consider barriers like Main Tank role, and non-barrier would be Off Tank role. This would have actually allowed Blizzard to get creative with future barrier tanks, because their system of “only 1 barrier per match” would automatically have dealt with the issue.

so back to barrier shooting & tanks dyign all time when not?

if u want to kill tank queue times sure.

6v6 =/= double barrier. When someone says they want 6v6, they are not saying “I want double barrier.”


no cc and strong poke = double barrier would be what happens.

CC was pretty much dealt with in the hero adjustments (i.e. Cass nade, and Mei freeze, and Orisa rework). Also Blizzard simply could have made it so only 1 barrier tank could have been selected per match.

So ok now that CC and double barrier would have been fixed and 6v6 could have been kept, what else ya’ got?