60hz vs 144hz how big is the change?


I have a 60 hz monitor. If I upgraded my graphics card (since I cap at 90 fps ) and upgraded to a 144hz monitor would it help the following:

  1. When I’m behind a pillar to avoid a dva bomb and cannot see the bomb at all only to die, then watch the replay and not even be behind the pillar
  2. When I use shift to heal myself on Mei but die anyways, only for the replay to show I never ice blocked but I know I did because I heard the sound. If I was truly dead before using it why would the sound trigger for ice block?
  3. I ult 3 people with Rein only to see 1 fall on the ground
    It really feels like what I’m seeing in my games is not what is actually happening in the game. I feel like the game feed I’m playing with is 0.3 seconds behind the actual server ( if that makes any sense )


None of those have anything to do with your monitor.


I could be wrong, but most of these seem like favor the shooter mechanics, which is a server thing.

I doubt it would help with those issues


What you describe are netcode issues and bugs, not low framerate issues.
That said, I saw a 10% to 15% increase in my tracking accuracy with 144hz vs 60hz.


What a faster refresh rate will help with is keeping track of moving targets.

Visit www(dot)testufo(dot)com to see an example of what different refresh rates look like. The difference from 60 to 144 is pretty similar to what 15 to 60 looks like.


So am I just doomed for life with silly favor the shooter mechanics and bugs? I notice it on Mei more then anything. Even walls that go up on my screen then die and watch the replay and see no wall at all.
Stuff like this drives me up the wall


Somewhat, your response time will be a lot lower with the 144hz monitor if you get a 1ms one, so that means things on your screen will be more accurate compared to a non-gaming monitor.

The difference between 60hz and 144hz is like… unexplainably good. Literally go and to OW and cap your FPS at 30, then play a game, then cap it at 60. this is the difference between 144hz but better. You will love it.


I’ve noticed this a lot, too. Your position on your screen seems different from what the enemy sees. It’s apparently a “netcode” issue.

Sounds like another netcode issue. OverWatch favors the shooter, so if you ice blocked close enough to the same time someone shooting at you, even though you ice blocked first the server ignores that and favors the shooter.

I’m thinking the same thing. Feels like there’s some sort of delay happening, or action buffer of some kind on the server, and it somehow “decides” in real time if your shots register or not

I have seen intresting stuff.

The problem is really bad during OverTime for some reason.

Just watch, it’s interesting. Like if you’ve been playing really well, now suddenly you can’t hit anything, everybody is magically getting away with 1 hp, a lot of your shots stop registering and one huge thing ive noticed: ULT charge

For no reason whatsoever, everybody just gets their ULT right before OverTime. The odds of that being random are slim to none.

IMO OverWatch isn’t worth investing time to become pro.

You’re just going to be fighting bugs and a broken ladder system


As a big fan of Sombra, I know your pain, and yes these will probably plague our favorite heroes forever. I played Sombra since release and she still randomly translocates to the wrong spot, hacks the wrong targets, blind hacks, goes on cooldown without hacking/tossing translocator… the list goes on and on and just keeps getting longer.

Every once in a while, you’ll even find a netcode issue that benefits you!


I also have trouble with Sombra. It feels like the enemy has all day to turn around and interrupt me. Feels like a 1 second channel for me. When against a Sombra I barely even have time to react before I’m hacked and I can turn around quickly


It is the curse of the Sombra.
Hack’s greatest power is getting complained about. I don’t even hack targets I intend to eliminate, since it just warns the opponent they’re about to be attacked, but nothing generates as much hate from noisy Pros and forums.


It can/will help with point number 2, as a higher frame rate means less input delay. Your monitor’s refresh rate won’t help with any delays but the game looks amazing at 144hz.


Nothing will help this one, as D.Va ult is known to be bugged and kills even through walls. I have the footage to prove it, but there’s plenty on YouTube to yeah…


Here’s something easy: Doublecheck in the video settings that you’re not in a windowed mode. That can nearly double your input delays!


I have a 144hz monitor and tbh the difference is minimal but it could be my eyes are not that good, most people say there is a big difference. however I can immediately tell the difference if fps drops below 60 to like 50 or 40 or whatever.


It’s due to networking, and would only really be solvable with the lan client they use on OWL.

144Hz monitors are great though, just for other reasons


It will have little effect on your game play (if you suck now you will suck if you get 144hz) but it’s so believably smooth that I will never go back. Ever.


To add to the discussion, if you decide to invest in a 144hz monitor remember to check if your CPU and RAM can handle higher fps.

I can’t tell if my improvement was because. I got a 144hz or just because I spent more time playing. But locking my fps to 60 right now is genuinely upsetting if only because it looks choppier.


Those all sound like latency issues. Improving your network at home could fix all of these issues.


yes, do it Cuz I Sed So