60hz gm player will 240hz make a huge difference to me?

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It will make a noticeable difference.

Huge? well it depends on the heroes you run.


Short answer: Yes, very.

Long answer: If your computer is able to output 250 fps, then yes. Otherwise you won’t have maximum potential from your monitor. I recommend 144Hz monitor if your gear is not in-par to output the frames needed.

60hz vs 144hz is a Huuge difference. 144 vs 240hz there is a difference, which is noticable, but not as huge as 60hz vs 144hz difference


It actually makes a huge difference. 240HZ is the top end of the spectrum in terms of what you can get. If you aren’t willing to spend that amount of money, 144HZ will work wonders for you as well.

So yes, it really helps.

Edit: Just remember to actually enable the 240HZ since it’s likely set to 60HZ as default.


You play Tracer… hell yes it will.


I went from 60hz for years to a G-SYNC 1080TI and a 165hz ASUS ROG Swift monitor in 2017 , amazing performance and I never see any type of lags either in video or cpu or even internet. Life is good and I am glad I spent the money, every penny was worth it. Overwatch is very smooth as are other triple A titles that I play.

You got into GM by playing Genji on 60hz? Youre real maniac lol

240hz will make terrible difference, just make sure it is high end TN display

you should be mercy or any kind of supports!!

144hz is enough. 240 is kinda overkill

Let me tell you this: I’ve got a 1440p 165Hz monitor with G-Synch. I’ve played OW on a GTX 980ti for to longest time and had some 100fps on average on epic settings. Now i’ve upgraded to a RTX2080Ti and oh boy… Average of 250fps.

100fps is already pretty good with g.synch, but 250fps just blew me away the first time trying. Ofc, you need a monitor and GPU to support 240fps/hz but oh boy does it make the game feel SHARP.

The jump from 100 to 250fps feelt like the first time i played on my 980ti after being stuck for years on a GTX680M laptop.

And oh yeah, “high end TB panel” is such a joke. It’s like asking for punishment. Today we got many good VA or IPS panels that come very close to TNs reactionspeed that TN becomes a global scale joke.

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It is a huge difference, specially on hitscans (because of the flicks) and heroes that require frequent 180ºs like Genji, Doomfist and Tracer.

Once you go there, you won’t be able to come back, everything will feel choppy and desynchronized

There is no 240Hz IPS or VA Panel. Not a joke.

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144hz VA panel with perfect colour/contrast/deep black is far better than 240hz TN garbage colours.

I do know that. The cap currently at 165Hz with g-Synch. VA/IPS is superior in anything but reaction time, which they are slowly inching towards too.

The absolute best would be OLED but we got none for gaming or as monitors in general. :confused:

Pros don’t use g-synch and don’t care about picture quality, all they want is frames over frames.

You can pretend it’s a joke all you want, but TN panels still have an order of magnitude better response times than VA or IPS. I wouldn’t touch an IPS gaming panel with a 10ft pole.

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Many people care a lot more about framerate and response times than color accuracy.

Newer IPS panels get 1ms MPRT and 3ms GtG which are really good. Obviously it’s slightly more than the best TN panels but regardless it’s extremely good and most won’t notice the difference.

Most people also don’t game 24/7 and don’t mind absolutely minor sacrifice in response times to get better viewing angles and color accuracy for other use. Also most “hc” gamers still use full hd when 1440p is much nicer to eyes on other uses. That’s why a 1440p IPS is still a great all-around choice.

It’s usually much higher than that. You usually have to find a good review of the display with detailed analysis to get accurate response time numbers. VA/IPS is usually at least 2x as slow as TN, though that may have improved recently.

Most, sure. But there are a lot of people who don’t want to sacrifice this. To me, image quality is literally at the bottom of my checklist when selecting a monitor.
Also most people who use 1080p do so for performance ot maximize framerate (or because 240hz monitors are currently limited to 1080p).

My brother runs a 144hz and I run a 60hz, feels like I’m lagging when i go back to my comp from his. Playing tracer is like playing a whole new character on 144hz.

Depends what you play, if you play hitscan dps then 144hz is a good option.
Other than that it’s nice but not necessary.

240 is a bit too much in my opinion.