5v6 in OWL= pause or even a reset. MEEEEEEEEANWHILE

It will also be unfair for the winning team to cancel a 10 minute match because someone decided to leave mid-match.

Got any solutions?


Meanwhile ladder play doesn’t involve the physical presence of all players and a tech monitoring the match nor blizzard-provided hardware.


What about replacing bots?
Or even a refill queue, with a different set of SR gains and maybe no SR loss if you lose?


What solution do YOU give for 5v6?
If cancelling/pausing the match is a no go, THEN HOW ARE WE SOLVING THIS?

Because losing just because you had one less member sucks.


I’d be OK with backfillers, on the proviso that the backfiller loses no SR on a lose and gains SR as normal on a win.


In Overwatch esports the intent is known that the player did not mean to leave the game. In online competitive play, it is impossible to discern whether the player disconnected deliberately or simply had a technical malfunction. Furthermore it is more appropriate to continue playing out the match so that we’re not holding up the remaining 11 players time.

All disconnections will be penalized in order to deter players from attempting to play competitive play while they have a known issue. Learn more about this policy here:


Best solution imo is to keep it how it works, and incentivize people to care again. There weren’t that many leavers early on because people were more invested in the match, more invested with their rank. These days? “Who cares, I have 3 other accounts I can queue on, I’ll dodge”

How they do that, I dunno. Probably not even possible at this point.

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Just add another player within the MMR range required. Why is this so difficult to consider? its not like matches are perfectly balanced anyway.

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Backfill is not fair for the team who did not have the leaver. This is because the team without the leaver, would feel ripped off if the backfill carried the rest of the match and won that leaver team the game. Furthermore, even if the idea was considered, it would badly disrupt matchmaking if the backfill would only win SR and not have to rest losing any as this would cause unnecessary inflation across the entire matchmaking spectrum.

Remember skill rating is not a currency.


this is BS. your assumption here is the leaver left the ‘losing’ team. i’ve had leavers when we were clearly winning robbing me and 4 other people of a win.

this is just a bad excuse. I’m fine with the backfiller losing SR but you’d need to adjust the SR loss based on percentage time of the game. if the backfill comes in with only 25% of the game left and loses then he only loses 25% of what he/she would have lost had they been there the entire time.

add in a simple check box to not participate in backfilling and you’re good.


Eh the whole system is horribly flawed. You get punished if some one leaves and due to the extreeme “Team nature” of OW it’s nearly impossible to win a 5v6 match, let alone 4v6 or more.

Back fill really wouldn’t work in most cases as the joining player would lack a feel of the battle, ult charge and countless other draw backs of joining late. There would also have to be a cut off, or you’d get the same mess as you get in QP where you join 5 seconds before a match ends.

But the biggest joke is Blizzard doesn’t even acknowledge when the problem is on their end. Even during the worst hack attempts when the servers were so full of holes they were like Swiss cheese, they kept them up.

The only thing they did was put a warning in the very bottom of the Bnet launcher about the servers being unstable. After days of people getting kicked from matches they put a tiny warning in. So no even when blizzard knows for 100% sure the problem is on their end they won’t refund SR, or even shut down competitive mode.

So yeah I kind of feel the whole system is a joke, not something you really take seriously. Hence why I barely play Comp and my rank is bronze.


do you get real money for winning a game?

a 5v6 is unfair professional players aren’t normal players

It’s important to understand how online game servers work. We all don’t connect to a single data center at one point in the world, there are multiple data centers all across the world. A problem at one does not necessarily affect at the others. which is why in most cases the competitive play option will always remain unlocked even during a time of a technical issue that affects multiple players. Furthermore most technical issues affect either the internet backbone structure or individual internet service providers. Not the game server itself.

“Lost Connection to the Server” and “Failed to connect to the servers” are problems related to issues not related to the servers and disconnecting will result in penalties. “Server closed due to unexpected error.” and “Error starting game, trying again.” are errors with the server and will not result in penalties.


You do know this is a video game right? Your rank and sr mean absolutely nothing right, is a just a number and a badge, yes disconnecting and leavers are annoying i get that but at the end of the day it means nothing

im gunna quote myself to expand this thought further.

first, the person who disconnects ALWAYS loses SR. even in the vent a backfiller comes in and his team won, whoever disconnected loses SR.

back filler gains SR in the event of a win based upon the amount of time they were in the game. if the game’s total time was 20 minutes and the backfill was in game for 5 minutes, he gets 25% of the payout. whatever this payout is then gets reverse applied to the leavers penalty. so if the leaver gets an initial -30 SR for leaving, and the backfill ‘wins’ 10 SR for helping, the leavers total penalty is -40SR

in the event of a loss, backfiller loses nothing as the SR penalty has already been applied to the leaver. this encourages folks to participate in the backfill system.

add in an opt out of backfill as a checkbox in the looking for match.

done. helps lower DPS queues as well.

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5 people’s time was wasted. that isn’t nothing.


Videogames are a waste of time, you are doing nothing at all productive, i enjoy videogame do get me wrong but i know they are a time waster, staring at a wall and playing a game are equally non productive and a wasye of time just one is more enjoyable, i play comp and i play only support and yes leavers suck and losing sucks but who cares, your rank and sr have no effect on your life, you are not going to get a better job just cause you have a diamond or master rank lol, a game is meant to have fun and comp is meant to be a little more competative the quickplay but mainly to have fun, and if you have to win to have fun then life must suck for you and i am sorry for that

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how many people would queue for a specific game if they knew they’d have a leaver?

answer that and you’ve invalidated your own premise that ‘it doesn’t matter’.

it does matter, maybe not to you. nobody would queue for a comp game they knew ahead of time would have a leaver.

Of course i would que, cause i play a video game to have fun and work wirh the team, if someone leaves oh well, i will work with who is left and have fun, and move on to the next match, it is game people it means nothing

you would queue into a game that is an automatic loss? are you suggesting you’re the exception or the rule?