[50+ likes] Hanzo is in serious need of a nerf, he is the only viable DPS


Odd how you get on me for taking things out of context but then you do the same thing


I think it would be better if storm arrow doesn’t crit, and bump the damage back up to 80.


If you truly believe Soldier is better than Hanzo at anything, you are the one bad at the game. (oh, you are – hi gold player)

In GM, Soldier has a lower pick rate than Symmetra. What a strong hero!


Yeah you might want to visit an optician.

He is way too good. Finally played the rest of the placement games and my god is he retarded. Practically farmed the enemy team with him and got 99th percentile in Overbuff and I haven’t even played the new Hanzo much. They should look at what Wraxu said (a high tier Hanzo player btw).

But they shouldn’t leave it at Hanzo. Hanzo is used only because he is op enough. They really need to look at tanks and supports too. If you just nerf Hanzo then you might see some Widowmaker but mostly his spot will be taken by a third tank or maybe even a fourth support.


He still has a slow fire rate. The only thing they changed was his projectile speed. The put it on par with most other projectile weapon speeds.

Giving him slow projectiles again would be the worst nerf imo. As his biggest problems stemmed from the inconsistency of scatter and any shots past 5 meters.


Revert projectile speed
Reduce amount of Storm arrows to 4.



Is he still countered by dive though? He has more mobility and Storm Arrows doesn’t have the speed penalty the regular arrows have.

Plus, Brigitte is barely played in the tiers where dive dominated.


Sure. More mobility. But still not enough to escape dive.


Raising the ult charge for his ult makes sense to me. Especially with how powerful it is but I don’t think you need to raise it very much.

I would go the opposite way in changing storm arrow though. I would push back his arrow damage to 80 each but raise the CD to 12s.

I don’t think leap needs any changes.


the projectile speed was a nice change imo


As a Bastion main, I would rather face a Widow than a Hanzo any time…

With Hanzo’s storm arrow, there is no point in playing Bastion anymore. He is essentially one shotting you (from a mile away) before you can even turn and try to shoot him down, less being able to run away. That is even with Bastion’s 300hp and ironclad to boot, he is being deleted in 1 second. I was hoping the meta change would help Bastion, but it is not working.

I agree, there is absolutely no time for anyone to react to Storm Arrow unless you are a 500+ hp tank. When not even tanks are safe, then who is really? Orisa got shot down like a dog by Hanzo as soon as her shield goes down for a sec. That is just not right as Hanzo is not supposed to be a tank killer.

Please Overwatch team, let Bastion keep his job instead of farming it out to everyone else. What is the point of keeping Bastion around anymore?


I dont play him so nerf him!!!
payback for the dva changes and nerfs


Lol, half the pick rate of Symmetra.

Even Symmetra outshines Soldier


They basically took an OP ability “scatter arrow” that is 50/50 in reliability and turned it into another OP ability “storm arrow” with 100% reliability. It is now double OP!!! Hanzo is more annoying then ever. If you think scatter was BS, storm arrow is BBS!

Players are screaming BS at the top of their lungs as they are being deleted by Hanzo (from across the map) instantly again and again without fail. There is absolutely no time to react, less shooting back or running away.


The reason Brig isn’t played is that her mere existence on the roster is enough to scare people out of dive.

The utility of Mercy & Zen is just too much to pass up on, but people won’t try dive because the enemy can just pick Brigitte and stomp them, so there is no point in trying.


If McCree has been weak forever, ask for a McCree Buff not a Hanzo Nerf. The game can never be balanced because all people ask for are Nerfs. First they whine about Mass res then they whine about Mercy being OP in Moth Meta, they whine about Dive, now that Dive is dead they whine about Grav Dragons. I guess everyone just wants their favorite hero to be the META. Asking for nerfs is going to get nothing but increase toxicity in both the forums and in game. Ask for buffs for your favorite hero, there’s no need to nerf everyone else into oblivion. Hanzo was trash tier hero for 9 Seasons. Remember when you didn’t flame at your Hanzo for Picking Hanzo when he had Scatter? You can’t because people just flamed at him because he was inconsistent.

Hanzo has been nerfed now, storm arrows cd increased, time to use increased, dragons no longer get powered by any kind of Damage Boost. If needed the Leap CD can be increased to 6 and storm arrow to 12, i don’t mind. But let the Devs decide depending on the Stats they have. Don’t keep whining. They’ll just make Hanzo a trash tier hero again.


Didn’t they already nerfed him on PTR?

Oh yes, they did. And they also most of other mid-long range DPS’. Even Bastion.


I don’t think storm arrow needs a damage nerf directly, I think the clip (is it called a clip?) needs to be lowered to either 3 or 4. And leap should be upped to 6 seconds. His ult and it’s charge is fine imo, it’s a fast charging ult but isn’t too crazy unless it’s used in a combo like Grav or Earthshatter.


I don’t think hanzo needs a nerf. im not whining.


Hanzo needs a rebalance.

Just weaken or retool one of his three tools. It’ll make him much controllable and not whatever we got right now. Hanzo is able to spam out more damage than Junkrat right now, its ridiculous.