5 winstreak, 5 loss streak 5 winstreak, 5 lossstreak

How stupid does blizzard think we are, a toddler could notice that something is not right with the matchmaking
And this is just qp, comp is probably 100x more rigged

season 2 is supposed to have better matchmaking supposedly. I’m Masters 5 and there was a gold dps player on my team in one game (before the recent patch) and I stopped playing comp in general until the recent patch came out.

Matchmaking seemed more balance with both teams having equal KDAs all around, however I still had the occasional teammates that had 16 deaths in one game while the enemy averaged 6-8.

for real I had this today I won 6 matches and I lost 7 it is unbelievably stupid and non sense. I don’t blame my teammates I blame the matchmaker that matches me with someone who’s sr is so much lower then me, like what?

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