5% win rate isnt very fun tbh

If you’re not playing ranked, then winrate is irrelevant.

What does this even mean?

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To you, maybe. But not everyone thinks that way.

Wait how do you even get games in that mode? I tried queing for it for 40 minutes without a game and canceled it. Is there a way to get a bot team too?

5% win rate over an extended period of time is almost impossible to achieve without throwing

the game will give you games against complete potatoes while giving you absolute Chads that carry you to make you win long before you’ll even get near that low of a win rate

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I think people who claim unbelievably low win rates are leaving out a critical piece of information - do you leave a game when you’re losing?

Also the bots in custom games work with more modes now, that’s a good way to practice

Yes, you can build both teams with AI when you create a custom game.

For vs. AI in the training mode, make sure you choose the “casual” mode. Nobody queues for the hard modes afaik.

5% overall? Or 5% on a particular day? 5% over a small number of games? …10?..15?..20?.

There’s no way your overall WR is 5% - you’ve got to be actively throwing surely?

Pretty sure this is the exact function of the matchmaker: take your licks building the other teams’ ego, and then BAM, top stats and PoG to compensate and get those endorphins working.

Being the carry on a losing team is pretty depressing in my experience, lol.

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Pick Lethal you’ll get a queue really fast unless you’re from a smaller region like OCE

precisely what was read. see for yourself. play 20 matches on one account. then play a match on an inactive account. then go back to initial account. you’ll then experience precisely what it means.

I did a few games with that in overwatch 1. I did better then sniping back then cause my aim was so trash lol.

Really wish her hipfire got buffed.

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I feel the opposite sometimes, it’s weird. I don’t mind being the carry in a losing team, because I at least feel like I’m playing well, and that’s really the only thing I can control. It feels much worse, for me at least, to get carried and be handed a win I feel like I didn’t contribute to nor deserve.

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