5% win rate isnt very fun tbh

my win rate was typically around 10%. Up to 25% on a really good day but for the past week it’s been about 5%.

thinking of quitting the game at this point tbh

might pick it back up when pve comes out and games can actually be won


Have you tried vs. AI? I’m not being sarcastic, the enemies are at least consistent in that mode. Low ranks in pvp are filled with smurfs farming the new players and the players that belong there, even in quickplay and arcade.


massive losing streaks are only possible if there is no server in your region or your connection to the ow server was nerfed after reaching your 20 match daily limit.

What rank are you? Bronze 5?

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Im Diamond and currently on a 15 game losing streak. Does not matter what rank you are as the MM is not working.


I play VS AI just to get chill games to complete fast so I can progress in the BP quicker once I did my dailies

maybe you’d enjoy it, though it can get a bit repetitive at times.


25% and worse win rates should not be possible unless you’re throwing. Eventually your mmr falls so low that you get “bot lobbies”. There are videos of some of these from overwatch 1: people with srs of ~30 or so. Even those players would win maybe 50% of the time against players of their own skill.

If this is happening then something is wrong.


Bro, I am losing so much. But the games are still fun because I am getting into lobbies where I lowkey feel like a god. Silver lining, I suppose.

Maybe try doing something different? It’s not normal to be losing that much. Most players have around a 50% winrate.

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Im on a huge losing streak and i feel like a god in the lobbies im getting but it feels like every play i make is redundant because im getting total bots to balance out the MR.

I saw an SMG widow in my last game who had 4x my deaths. And somehow people in my lobbies are the same skill level as me.

I don’t know how people play this game solo. It’s a test of your mental fortitude in metal ranks.


SMG Widowmaker? Nice. Reminds me of when I was new to TF2 and used the SMG on Sniper way too much. Sadly I got more than a few kills that way. Anything is possible in 12v12.

5v5 OW2 is a different story.

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They almost went positive because the enemy team began focusing me every fight. I had Lucio, Hanzo and Phara surrounding me every fight. Tbf i was on Mei and was tied for damage and kills with our tank.

Well the MM does not force you to have a 5% winrate. If you are playing poorly enough to not have a 50% winrate like the majority of people then I think the blame is on you.

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I don’t believe it’s possible to be so bad at the game to have a 5% winrate. I’d accuse you of throwing, but I don’t even believe it’s possible to be that good at throwing either.


I don’t understand why people jump to “it must be because you’re bronze” when situations like this pop-up.

I’m bronze 5.
My win rate is 56%.


Would love to see a screenshot of your comp and qp wins and losses all time. As I bet they are around 50%, there is no way you average anywhere near 10%.


No one can get a 5% winrate. I am very sure of it. You will get carried even when you do almost nothing. If you really manage to lose 95% of the games somehow, I would stick with the current AI (because the new AI will also be better as you are right know) or change the game to maybe a puzzle or turn based game, where you have time to think…

Not even sarcastic at this point.

It only makes sense to me that if Rank is determined by your winrate, and you lose 95% of your games, that your rank must be at the furthest low end.

  1. Not everyone plays ranked. This could be losses from mystery hero, qp, dm…

  2. As I said above, I’m the low-end rank. I’m bronze 5. My win rate is 56%

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When all the good players are in the enemy team and you have teammates with less than 1k damage. Sigh.