5 Games In A Row: Leavers

One was canceled because they left early.

But, 5 games in a row… with the leavers on OUR TEAM.

I mean, i guess if you flip a coin 5 times they might all be heads.

But, think of heads and tails as wins and losses. Leavers are more like, you drop the coin and it rolls into the gutter… on your side of the street.

So, 5 of those in a row for us.

Coincidence? Or stacked against us through MMR?


I think your masochism is showing…

Sounds like it’s not stacked against the enemy team. Blizzard must think you’re special.

Might be a server issue.

I’d stop comp and just qp tbh. Then try again in a day or so.

It’s not MMR. The matchmaker is not capable of predicting future player misbehavior.

It might be social. Your competitive hero picks don’t seem likely to be a problem, but if someone you were grouped with chose a hero that is considered to be a “throw pick” or if you say something at the start of the game that isn’t being received well that might increase the chances of someone leaving.

I wouldn’t think it would happen in gold, but certainly there are people in higher ranks that will leave games when people aren’t on voice chat. If you’re grouped you should make sure to switch to main voice chat on joining the match.

Or it could be a bad internet day in your region with some kind of DDOS or other problem, and a coincidence that they happened to all be on your team.

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Not how MMR works. It doesn’t predict like some magic 8 ball. That’s silly.
It looks at recent play. Leavers and throwers, are of course going to be performing poorly in recent games. How do you make an even match with them in it?

It’s every excuse. Our chat. Our hero picks? Not just… Blizzard admits they use MMR to make (force hard) even matches? And if you’re usually putting up very good stats, you might have to play with poorly performing players for this even match to happen?


ANOTHER LEAVER. Screen shot below.

Edit: Can’t include screen shot, so let me describe it.
Me as Pharah on fire with Gold damage, elims, 63% accuracy and 21 direct hits. Oh, i played Ashe the first half of the round.

Leaver, and MY SR goes down.

Just one more loss, and my SR is tanking. For having SIX LEAVERS in my last 7 or 8 games.

Hey Blizz. If you want me to chase that SR, save me some time and just take a minus 250 every few days and hand me random matches instead of this MMR BS.


Just play qp.

Comp is kinda garbage at times.

Qp matchmaking is often as good, or better, than in comp and leavers don’t matter as much.

At one point I was running at 40% of games with one or more leavers (Either team). Can’t really consider comp seriously at that point.

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MMR is just a number, essentially just your SR, scaled onto a -3 to +3 scale. The matchmaker is matching on your absolute position in the ladder, not on your recent games.

You don’t get any weirdness about needing to compensate the “worst player” or “the best player” until you get to the very top or very bottom of the ladder. For everyone else, it’s just a mix of players with as near as possible the same MMR. You might be the highest, lowest, or anywhere in-between on any given game.

There are always players above and below you on the ladder, unless you are <500 bronze or the very top of GM.

The system is flawed when leavers dictate the matchups. There is talk about making the punishments worse for leaving comp matches early. This is going to backfire badly, imo.

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Another leaver. 3 games played, 1 with leaver on our team.

I wish i could post screen shots, but here’s what it looks like. No exaggeration. Exactly what i’m looking at here on the “scroreboard”

Opponent: 3 PLATS. All on Fire.
My team: ALL GOLDS. Leaver. Me with 55% accuracy, gold dmg elims as McCree.

Loss for me. I’m at the rank i belong.

Btw, this leaver started the season at 2900 and is now 21something. He’s been throwing. That’s who is put on our team, by the Matchmaker, looking at MMR, hoping for an even match.

It’s no coincidence that i’ve now had 7 leavers on ONLY my team the past two days. It’s the MMR backfiring and screwing people over who are trying and doing well. That’s what happens when you insist on forcing even matches, rather than letting random matches just happen.

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It’s coincidence some get lucky some don’t just how it is. They should of kept the leaver system and denied stacks using it. They had competitive integrity for a season then killed it. Games back to a joke.

I get leavers in winning games. I don’t know what it is with people.


I am honestly starting to not believe you, because you are sharing constantly negative stuff, 5 leavers in row, rigged matchmaking… Whatever. But you never show these games. You just take certain things from them to show us how you are not the issue like “I had gold damage” or how enemy team had plats and you had gold, only you have leavers. Then how the hell are you still gold? I dont get it how you still didnt drop where you constantly share how is game agaisnt you. Why dont you share idk last 10 games played? Screenshot from replay section + codes. What are you afraid off? What we would see there?

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I can see getting mad because people leave. It’s more fun when you or your enemy team has a fair chance at winning.

But why are you so hard stuck on gaining sr? Nothing really changes other than playing with more skillful players. Even those players have throwers, smurfs and d/c problems.

To think that only your rank has these problems is setting yourself up for disappointment. Also are you getting paid to rank up? I’d be mad myself if I couldn’t win 1 million bucks to reach top 500.