40+ years old gamers


I believe not so many of you around, but still looking for someone my age to play with…
Have already few years in the game ~2400SR



I’ve come across a few. OG gamers!

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Hey, I am the owner of an adult gaming community that plays a lot of overwatch. Mythril is the name of the community, you can check out the reviews if you would like. We have been around and just love to game. We have some older players and understand having lives and families, but also when you have that free time to game, that’s what you want to do without the drama.
Discord: Shadow Slayer#9380


add me i am 49 play overwatch 7 days a week, i have 4500 hours. flyEAGLEfly#1319

It’s a great group, just don’t join if you’re shy, they kick people who don’t interact often enough.

Add me please.

Alive 11864

We have a 3 hour activity guideline in 30 days. That way we keep active people playing. We dont care on numbers, we care on people who play.

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This invite and discord still live? 46 and am down to play w some ppl my age…

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i been playin ow since 2016, i am a solid silver staying in silver not dipping to bronze. add me i am playing right now, inv me. i am age 50 from new york, i play ow 7 days a week

Hey looking for people to play :slight_smile: i am 40 plus and will be nice to hang out not only with 20 years old who treat u like granny
Can you add me ?
Have good day all

Hi, add me if you want

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Hiiyeeee I’m 36. would love to play with grown folks. Tart#11573

Yep still live, I just joined!

35 here but I feel just the same as you do with that bunch of kiddos. I’m a french Canadian but I do speak English.
Add me! CH4MP46NE #1944

heck ya! 38yo here… would love to play with you guys!


I am 42 and looking for ppl to play with :slight_smile: You guys can add me also: MsFairytale#2674

Greetings, been playing more comp season 9, looking for solid stack of players mid brz to silver.

Feel free to add me
MacCoffee #11133

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I’m in that age range ShinyHero #175655

Hey I’m 42 and looking to get started in competitive but I don’t mind other modes. I haven’t played a lot in the past few years but I mainly play support. Feel free to add me: Screech #1471