4 losses in a row


Don’t worry, you should win within the next 2 matches.

Forced losses don’t stay forever.



IDK man, I had so many losses in competitive one time that I almost hit silver (I was in plat). It lasted for days up until I gave up


I just purport the myth to spread chaos and discord.



I had 33 losses in one day last year. Not trying to 1-up, just commiserating :joy:
It wasn’t totally in a row (it basically was), was 16 losses in a row, 1 win, then 17 losses


Oh hey, I’m chaotic neutral too!

That is freaking sad. RIP


QP is bad enough on the weekends, I don’t dare think about touching comp. Weekend Overwatch is the absolute worst. I cannot state that enough.


comp is always bad idk what you’re talking about


The problem is there are becoming less and less “safe” times to play.

Can’t play in the evening because all the kiddies/DPS-only 4-stacks are on.

Can’t play on the weekends because all the casuals who don’t group up are on.

Can’t play late at night or early morning because there’s no good players awake so you get a bunch of plebs from various ranks who end up blaming each other.


been there, i stopped playing for about 5 or 6 months, loaded up qp and lost 7 games in a row.

And then left again until this day.


Well they removed winrate for your career quickplay stats, so there’s that I guess. (although I’m still angry at this, I used it to see how I was improving on a hero over time)


Taking a break is a meme spread by Paladin shills and Apex wannabes.


no as bad as mine, i think im on a 12 game losing streak? i lost count after 8 or so


I only play QP and just avoid comp. I used to do placements at least but I can’t even bring myself to do that anymore. I get leavers/throwers at least 3/10 games.

I wish going forward that they’d remove the golden weapons from comp or make another competitive queue for people who want to compete without the need of a carrot on a stick.

It sucks not having a mode for people who want to play even semi-seriously.


No seriously, if you are upset or tilted, you will actually INCREASE your risk of losing more Competitive Matches. I once trapped myself into Bronze for going tilt-crazy and losing 20 matches in a row in season 3. (A lesson well learned, but I would not wish it on anyone else).

Whenever I start losing I switch to StarCraft II and nuke some Zerg.


Yeah, I did get off. Mostly because I was starting to cut out really bad. Now I’m just sitting here watching some John Wolfe


I’ve had 8-12 in a row over the course of a week (kept losing, quitting, then coming back the next day). No particular reason. Some were close games, just ended in a loss, some were stomps, one or two had people leaving and coming back, that kinda thing.

Just keep at it. It happens


Yeah, sure, but it happens all the time for me. I ain’t even exaggerating. I get maybe 4 wins out of 10 matches.


That’s good. Enjoy!


Yeah, no, I get you. I haven’t played HotS in a while because I’d have these weird pendulum swings of winning and losing.

For 50+ games (and thus a few months) I’d have like, 10 losses every 40 games. No lie. Sometimes less.

Then, I’d have 10 wins every 40+ games (and also lasting a few months). Sometimes less.

It got exhausting. It was like, for a few months I was put against absolute toasters and tater tots, while my team were gods. Then for a few months I’d have to deal with those toasters.

I wish I could say it was without doubt my gameplay. I don’t play great in all my have nor do I play like a tater in all of them. I have my good and bad. But when those strange streaks start, I just wonder…

What MM God have I displeased?


Yeah, I get what you’re saying.

I know that my gameplay is terrible, such is the way of controllers. But, sometimes, I’m tired of blaming myself for every little thing.