4 hours, 28 games. Symmetra state feedback from an (apparently) masters Sym main


If you don’t play Symmetra like me, then you’re not a true Symmetra main.


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Gatekeeping naturally arises when you draw a line between insider and outsider perspective. Seems pretty objective to look at stats like hours played, k/d, win rate, and kit utilization.

How else would we distinguish whether someone’s insights come from maining/mastering XYZ or just passing by?

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Yeah I kinda agree with that like i would lie if i say the whole infinity tp concept didn’t sound sick af but these drawbacks make the whole thing not worth it and when you think about the whole concept you can kinda replicate on live it without the need for a large 15sec cooldown and or a slow tele 1.5. Tele time or other restrictionthat kjll her previous creativity. …it seems counterintuitive …so like the overall noise of ppl saying they like the whole NERF bc NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT ITS STILL A NERF kinda needs to be to filtered out to only genuine feedback of Symmetra main who plays her like in higher ranks in comp then those who kinda just tested her out on ptr or only play her in quick play or not in high enough ranks to adequately give feedback that would benefit the overall issue then create uncessary bad feedback that would get this nerfed pass in its current state to live instead of being tweaked or not used…

Fellow sym mains,

We can’t forget the effectivel cooldown of a good TP in live server is 2 seconds.
Anything more than 2 seconds is already a compromise. If they want to really BUFF symmetra, there shouldn’t be a cooldown nerf. So IMO we need to stay firm on the 2 seconds cooldown.

10 seconds initial cooldown that starts RIGHT AFTER placement.
IF TP is destroyed by enemy during this cooldown, Sym need to wait for it to place a new one.

After this 10 seconds, TP would stay infinite untill being destroyed by either enemy or Sym herself. Upon destroyed, there is a 2 seconds cooldown.

The Devs said they want to make her feel less restrictive. Then they need to make her less restrictive. Hence the cooldown should not be extended in any sense AT ALL.

This should be a buff.


Yeah whether they reduce the cooldown to like if 7-8 if killed and 3-4 if you kill it yourself that would b fine tbh

Or have the cooldown start at 12 but got down when set and just can be cancelled

The first one sounds better imo but also they should remove the 1.5 till next tele bc that is just an uncessary nerf it was already easy to stun and boop ppl out of tele b4 now this is just making it WAY TO EASY

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I was about to say the same… the Infinite TP makes little to no difference to offensive play, so why should offensive players pay the cost for it… The Cooldown makes 0 difference if you are just going to leave it up.

10 seconds from initial place, 2 secs from destruction…



Their double standard has always been evident. Tracer’s blink has no delay between blinks whatsoever; blink direction is not fixed, and they think it’s fine. But teleporter has to have a delay and they have to nerf it. Jesus

Yeah and when you tp you have two bodies technically so if roadhog or rein charged you from one end it would drag you from where you tp to were you mad contact insuring you die or you tp but your other bodies dies so you tp to the other side dead like its a favor the shooter system thats kinds weird

damn I wasn’t thinking about that, that would be a pretty significant nerf

Cooldown starting on destruction should only really be applied to when an enemy destroys the TP.

This is how I would have balanced the new TP:

• Cooldown should stay at 12 seconds and start on cast (just like the live servers)

• If the TP stays up for the full 12 seconds then it will continue to stay up for infinity. However, at this point Symmetra will then be able to cast a new one by pressing ”ability 2” and the old TP will be removed once a new one is built.

• Symmetra cannot build a new TP if the old TP is taking any type of damage.

• If TP gets destroyed by an enemy at any time, the cooldown will be reset to 15 seconds.

This would let Symmetra to keep her ”old” playstyle (the one that is live and which is crucial to her mobility mid fight) and also introduce the infinite TP playstyle + reward enemies for destroying it.

I feel like they didn’t really think this through and thought that slapping on a 15 second cooldown on destruction (both by enemy and player) would balance things out, but clearly the current PTR state is a flat out nerf to Sym.

So a dev commented on a post in general recently about the Sentry Turrets. they are actually “working as intended” but he explained the misconception which is actually relieving.

1 turret applies a 20% slow, stacking turrets applies extra slow on top of that. But if any “friendly type” slow is applied to the same target higher than 20%, it is prioritized over the multiple turrets since they are all still 20% individually

1 turret = 20%
3 turrets = 60%
Orisa shooting = 30%
Orisa shooting + 3 turrets = 30%

Make sense? So this is not a bug, it’s an intended design choice, as strange as it is, but it’s not as bad as we thought at least

I think this is the wrong suggestion here. There are two main builders in game right now, Symm and Torb. While Torb and Symm can both destroy their buildables (in PTR) Symm carries the penalty of a full CD duration while Torb does not (while turret is non-combat).

Symm should function in the same way. I should not be penalized so heavily for a misplaced TP. Or because the ground is just a little uneven. If the TP is not currently being attacked and you choose to destroy it, it should incur a 50% CD duration much in the way that Torb works.

This would be in-line with how the other builder in-game works and would not penalize us for placing a poor TP in the heat of combat.

But it still means they are bugged, because the turret slow should be stacking onto the individual target and cause them to slow to 60%. Because currently it doesn’t work even on normal speed targets because the treshold for maximum slow value from non-friendly targets seems to only be 20% maximum. Target dummies which do not have a slow moving effect of their own are not slowed down to 60%.

Besides, if I can override 60% slow from 3x turrets by shooting as Orisa with my 30% movement speed and become FASTER BY SHOOTING AND NOT BE HINDERED MY SLOWING TURRETS AT ALL, what is the point of turrets slowing and where is the logic in that?

How in the world do I suddenly become faster if I hinder myself with a slow ability even more, but mechanically it then allows me to speed up by ignoring outside slow mechanics?

3x turrets stacking a slow effect should definitely override a friendly slow effect, because it’s a stack of 60% total slow that apparently should still stack the slow effect, but not stack with the friendly slow. Rein should not become FASTER if he puts his shield up when he’s being turreted.

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devs confirmed it’s a bug.
3 turrets are supposed to be 60, so they would overwrite orisa’s slow

He didn’t, he just explained how it was supposed to work. He never said there was a bug, he didn’t acknowledge it. >_>

Does that mean if the TP destroyed by enemy right at the 12 second of the first cooldown period, she still has to wait another 15 seoncds ? Because then the actual cooldown in this case will be 12+15 = 27 seconds.

If that description is correct it’s currently bugged.

Like honestly it should just be if destroyed it goes on an 8 sec cooldown and if killed by sym it should be 4 secs like these long cooldown stack since her thing is infinity

PTR Sym is jaggy af, RIP telebombs.


Ya, but I prefer stay firm on 2 seconds. They wanted to buff her and it should be a complete buff. No compromise.

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