37.5% would be the perfect steadfast amount

30% is too low, 40% is gonna feel like 50% and 35% is gonna feel like 30% so instead of constantly overcompensating like you guys tend to do get it right the first time. 37.5% yo welcome.

If knockback in this game operates by projectile motion without air resistance and the knockback reduces initial launch velocity by a percentage, then the distance traveled on flat terrain at 30% is 0.7 * 0.7 = 0.49 max distance traveled. At Rein’s 50%, he travels 0.5*0.5 = 0.25 max distance traveled.

That’s not even including how much more you can reduce by just pushing against the momentum while in the air.


such an out of touch fix for ONE TANK as if hog or sigma or orisa out of gold or zarya don’t get booped around?
lowers skill ceiling on rein without addressing the real issues.
remove steadfast completely.