365 days ago tomorrow, Mercy 2.0 hit the PTR

The game has only been playable for 18 months? I am pretty sure Bastion was worthless since closed beta. Once people learned how to get around his shield, anyway.

He was at least viable, but in F-tier. He needed buffs to his weaknesses, like having to stand still in order to heal.

They then took it upon themselves to gut sentry by first making it unnecessary OP.


I remember that day.

I was on a road trip with my family, on the highway I checked my phone and saw that there was a new Dev Update with the Mercy changes.

Watched it through, didn’t think much of it. I thought Mercy would be OK.

Hoo boy. Was I wrong.


Really looking forward to a time when playing Bastion isn’t frowned upon. Easily one of the most loveable characters but so annoying to get flamed when I try to play him (which isn’t often)


I still don’t understand why people are crying about Mercy.
Old Mercy was toxic for the game and must-pick at the same time.
New Mercy is less toxic but still a must-pick. So what is the problem?

A hero with both damage boost and Resurrection in the kit cannot be underpowered by definition. Devs could nerf her healing to 30hps and she still will be muct-pick.

You will never get back old Mercy, get over it. And new Mercy still will be a must pick in 99% of cases for as long as she has resurrection in her kit.

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amazing that a hero can dominate literally every level of play for so long


all of your questions and more answered here in the op.

(its a long read so get a nice glass of tea and buckle up.)


In what universe was pre-rework Mercy considered a ‘must pick’?! People would yell at Mercy players to stop throwing and pick Ana.

If Mercy seemed like a “must pick” that was because Mercy had no competition at the time. Lucio and Zen aren’t effective solo-healers, and Blizzard made the genius decision to nerf Ana to the ground as if she was the sole cause of “Triple Tank”.

Pre-rework Mercy was balanced. All she needed was Resurrect as an ultimate be given a cast time, greatly increase its ult charge, and replace invulnerability with damage reduction.

Resurrect is a lot more situational and skill-based as an ultimate, since it needed to be earned, and accidentally wasting it can have bad consequences, forcing the player to learn to strategize and think carefully on the fly. It was very easy for Resurrect to be countered and your team re-wiped if even ONE enemy teammate was smart and ready to out-play you. The thrill and skill needed to play Mercy game from basically speed chess.

None of that is present with current Mercy. We never asked for our hero to be turned into an OP must-pick. We hated it more than anyone else ever could.


Well it took a while, a long while, but at least there is Mercy competition in the support category now.

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Just recently… While grinding for lootboxes in FFA, (Playing as Bastion)

On three separate occasions, i had Multiple People leave the game, if i was close to winning.

As in… If i took the lead in points/kills, or just climbed high enough, somewhere between three and five people would just leave, Canceling the game, And losing me the Xp/Highlights.

Playing my main Hurts.

At first i thought it was maybe a server disconnect issue… Or even a fluke… But then it happened twice in a row, with different players…

Someone even directly messaged me, asking what had just happened, since the game closed itself as i reached 17 kills.

Rework patch was released on 2017-9-19

I don’t often play Bastion but I do every now and then in QP, but mostly in FFA. He is fun in FFA since he can be so independent. But man that sucks, never had that happen before. Sorry to hear it. :frowning:

I feel like in that case it isn’t even teammates that don’t like him, it’s just that people don’t like losing to him. Boo!

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Yea… Thanks for the encouraging words tho! :kissing_cat:
It was a little off putting… Since i was grinding for boxes, and… Basically wasted my time for the larger part of three matches.

Yea, i can almost guarantee that was the reason.
They didn’t want to lose to a Bastion.
And frankly, Leaving (And causing the game to close) Is just sickening.
And without honor.

People in Plat and Dia told me to get off Mercy and play Ana or Lucio instead. Her ult could be a bit cheesy for sure but she wasnt toxic and definitely not a must-pick. At best she was considered viable but even then Zen and Lucio was the prefered combo.


As someone who strongly believes that a 3rd rework is necessary this makes me sad. Mass rez was an absolute disaster that should have never existed but I’d rather quit the game than play Mercy, and she was already boring before. But with the rework being out so long, far too many new players have gotten used to it. Maybe this was blizzard’s plan all along.

its been a short time since mercy 2.0 its now we have mercy 4.0

And it took 340~ days to balance her, thats the sad part :joy:

I remember reading the PTR patch notes before the developer update was released. I hopped onto the PTR and tested her out on chateau guillard. All my friends wanted to know my thoughts and I just said “we’ll have to see”. Probably because I still had faith in Blizzard and I didn’t know where they were taking her. After that she hit the live servers with little to no changes and I remember even back then, when she was at her strongest and funnest, that I did not like the rework at all.

Of course the 14 nerfs that followed were brutal (including the so called “bug fixes”) and in the end I’m envious of the people who can still say they enjoy Mercy. I wish I could have fun with this game like I did in 2016/2017 but I just can’t.

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already a year… 20chars

She was not a must pick before her rework. She was very niche. She was balanced honestly, she wasnt broken but she did need some work. If anything she leaned toward not being very good. Why play her when you could play Ana? That’s how it was then. Or if you couldnt play Ana you’d play her.

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