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Her shield generator is an ultimate and can be destroyed. That’s far different than other restorative moves by other support.

She’s definitely a hybrid and is essentially listed as such on the official Overwatch website. I main her :stuck_out_tongue: and while a bad Moira only does DPS and no healing a good Moira balances healing and damage to bring her team to victory.

Wow this teaser. I’m on the edge of my seat and summer is SO far away T_T


I’ve been maining her as well in comp. I obviously do some damage :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s not nearly enough to call her a hybrid I’d say. Zen would be a lot closer to that in my opinion.

syms got the fastest ult charge time already

then that’s not symmetra’s fault, then
she’s too easily countered, and that’s the biggest issue that everyone keeps bringing up
shields and barriers are proactive healing and are actually meta in a lot of MMOs anyway, due to the nature of them
she’s just bad at her job
that’s why people want her to be fixed…
but keep her base design


It is, but maybe they’ll change how it works in her rework. For that matter her shield generator protects all allies within a generous range simultaneously. Other supports can protect like that with non-ult abilities but it’s extremely limited often in range, power or how long you can use it continuously, and still won’t necessarily protect from burst.

I’d say it’s good enough to be an off-support.


Seriously 31 players teleported?

Feed much?

Sounds to awesome to ever make it to live.

Thank you for working on her.


It gives the whole team a better sustainability, and because giving sustainability is part of what makes a Support in OW, she is a Support.
well, an off-support.

You said you’ve started playing her, but then mentioned her ult aren’t suit for Support? This means you haven’t been playing her as a Support.
Start playing her as a Support, make her ult the end goal of your playstyle.

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Why does the category matter? She already acts like a Defense hero, live, right now.


Oh that’s right. I’ve seen videos of her getting it as fast as 6 seconds.

I’m thinking that is literally a 1 charge or 2 charge teleporter on a short cooldown


I hope you are gonna change her weapon too.


When will that border go live?

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Jeff, please…keep her a support. If you don’t, it’ll give up on your game design philosophy that a non-healing support can’t belong in Overwatch. Don’t move her to another class please!


What the point of keeping philosophy that does not work?
All non-healing supports are not in support category already (Sombra, Torb, Mei)


Diamond Portraits Confirmed?

THIRTY-ONE players teleported with only 6% tele uptime???

Whoa. That feels like a yuuugggee change in the works!


I hope they used my idea and let her pick up and set down her teleporter :smile:


It works if the character is guided in the right direction and considering that they’re working on her until the end or beginning of summer, they can give more supportiveness that can actually make her viable as a support in the eyes of those who don’t see her as one currently. But we can agree to disagree…

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Every support should be a healer, hands down. The game has far fewer heals (and tanks) than dps already.

You basically laid out why the current Symmetra doesn’t work. It’ll be hella hard to fix and balance that without making her a real support or real dps (or even tank, who knows).

For the very same reason people pick up characters that are already healers - also, they are vastly different, not “dum graded versions” of one another