🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

hang in there friend.


Timepass… … (Updated a few things this morning)



Clearly people just don’t know how to play her. A year later.

Sigh . . .

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…You do know there is video evidence right above your post right?

Proving Otherwise?

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Sarcasm is hard to see in text for some lol

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Most likely not the best place to be sarcastic.

(Autism is a thing with me and Sym)

It’s why I push Blizz so hard to listen… Even if I don’t play Sym anymore. (became an ex sym main after so much pushing)

Blizzard deserves to be criticized so hard for their poor game design. Mercy and Brig required so many nerfs to tune them down, Torb and sym changes had no effect at all. Doomfist is F tier again. Only hanzo rework was somewhat successful.


When Sym rework was looking like a buff :frowning:

dramatic it is papa Jeff

… Jeez time passes but I still think they went the wrong way with Sym. I gave up playing her over a month ago. I suggested what I think is the perfect thing to do… I don’t know if they debated it yet… Even though I have repeated and explained how it works over a hundred times.

But in the past 3 months we keep just going in the wrong direction, not actually fixing anything and the most community knows it.

I just now, want to hear why to all this.


Well I’m not a Dev at Blizzard but if I were then I wouldn’t be too inspired to do my best design work considering how much of a priority it has been for the company to cut costs everywhere for well over a year at this point. Then add to that the recent events in the company I would say that it’s reasonable to be stressed that the management doesn’t see value in your work per se so your moral is low which really kills people’s ability to design well.

I’ve seen this play out in my own profession of Architecture and Blizzard are showing similar behavior to firms that I’ve been a part of or heard from others work with about.

Not that that really fixes anything thou :disappointed_relieved:


Limit Teleporter to 3 teleports then Geoff, not go faster

(See here: 💔 Likely going the wrong direction again with Sym and Reaper )

That would make her worse. That would just cause her to split her team.

(3/18) I added that cause how Geoff complained… (It doesn’t have to be added)

Who brought this thread up again? This was made April of last year.

That’s kinda the point of this thread… (it’s more of a info dump about Sym) (On the plus side… almost got to April)

It’s just a reminder how bad these developers are to their game. I bet if LoL developers had this IP Symmetra would be fixed a long time ago considering their tweaking pacing.

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Feels like this was an overstatement…


Language … (seriously that’s not solving anything)