3 Weeks Later; the Rank Progression System Is Still Broken

The game has now apparently incorporated the state of being ‘hard-stuck’ as a deliberate feature; players are unable to advance in rank regardless of winning. This situation is also likely exacerbating the issue of unbalanced matchmaking, as players with higher skill levels are constrained to lower ranks due to their inability to progress. This issue has now been going on for three weeks. Very disappointing, to say the least.

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Made a 3 week (almost) update on my post here

I can confirm I have stopped playing comp as of today. It will literally punish me if I play comp. I am one win away from ranking up on Support, Tank, and DPS - If I go ahead and play on any roles, I will restart the entire rank and have to get the 4-5 wins again in order to restart the same rank AGAIN. It’s insane that this has been going on for this long.