3 Tier Bronze to Diamond League

We are looking for teams/players for our three tiers for our league.
Must be 18+ (We vet every new member)
Must use Discord

Send a Friend request to Discord - Vinyl Punk#5828

  • Verde Tier (Bronze to Gold)

    • Max Player SR: 2500
    • Max Player Role SR: 2150
    • Max Map SR: 2000
  • Mild Tier (Gold to Plat)

    • Max Player SR: 2800
    • Max Player Role SR: 2600
    • Max Map SR: 2400
  • Fire Tier

    • Max Player SR: 3500
    • Max Player Role SR: 3250
    • Max Map SR: 2900

We also have free VOD reviews from higher players, comp group up channels, and run monthly fun tourneys like Widow 1v1 etc.