3 games 3 losses ... bc tank is most important

I was DPS. Went 44-6, 24-3, 33-8, lost all three games bc tank was awful … gj blizz.


You got to carry harder! Those are rookie numbers, we got to get those numbers up!!! My question would be, what was the other dps doing? You have to be able to carry your bad tank, and 3 other players as well.

Context needed
Are you getting elims when the fights already lost…or are you always getting the first picks and there is no engagement follow up?

lol there is no context needed if you go 44-6 under any circumstance you weren’t the problem stop reaching

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Never said there were or weren’t.

But stats doing mean you’ve played good or bad either.

No one said anyone was the problem except OP blaming tanks as always lol. And yes, context IS needed. You could have your whole team pop off but if you’re not playing objective (something a ton of people forget to do when they’re getting a lot of kills), and still lose. Only looking at K/D is just huffing numbers.

I’ve gone 2-6 as a tank and won. Spotted my DPS were popping off and playing forward and agro. No one was in voice and supports went with them. So I sat on payload and occasionally moved about.

Stats are for bragging about if you’ve got a fragile ego and need something to flex or need a target to blame. They don’t make you a good player.

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I mean they help give a PART of the story, but by no means all or even close to enough. It’s a 5v5 not 1v5 and how you position and group is more important than one single teammates stats.

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Small package is spamming in plenty of threads defending blizz and anything about the game , dont waste your time talking to him


Play tank and show us how it’s done. Perhaps Open Queue would be more your style?

get banned for being toxic cause loser devs can fix matchmaking


Yeah, I’ve had games like that. I honestly don’t know how we lost.

remember to heal your tanks…tanking is no fun with no heals.

44-6 as a dps means you played good.

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It means the chances you played good are far greater, yes.

But if you’re just getting picked after every fights lost and playing uber safe during fights… Then. Less so.

It means you got kills that’s it. If it was a death match that’s one thing but there’s other things like the objective and if your team is grouping. It not just one person.

And if you see that you team is struggling in an area and your losing because of it then switch to help them and your team. Team based game not a 1v5

You do realise it’s not a death match? I just won a match with terrible stats as I pushed the payload almost the entire way while the enemy was focused on their KD.

Honestly man, the fact that you went 44 - 4 and lost tells me that you probably were the problem. If I go 44-4 as any role, we won game. And if we lost it, it was a good game and close.

Here you are getting amazing games and complaining because your team mates weren’t perfect at the last over time fight.

Grow up.

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