3-3 meta in League, but nobody plays it in QP


Because in quickplay the DEFAULT team comp is 5 DPS and 1 poor soul go healer. Goats is played more in competitive


I KNOW it is a pain, but, get some friends and 6 stack up and try out the metas.

They are fun as all hell. It is a shame you can’t try them because of rank or because of QP outside of a 6 stack, but…

Stack up and give them a go.

  1. people want to play DPS to get those shiny damage medals and PotGs

  2. GOATS needs an amount of coordination that you rarely find in QP and competitive below high Master ranks.


No :<


Quote doge: “play comp question mark ?”
Quote me: “I’d play competitive, but my internet sucks, my computer sucks, and I don’t have anyone to team up with, so I’m no match for ranked play…”

Also, last time I did try, I managed to qualify platinum, but ended up being curb stomped after that, losing 10 in a row (give or take) and nearly dropping to silver by the time I gave up.

Qualifying wasn’t too bad, but when I actually got into the ranked play, I’m outmatched by players with better internet, computers, and that have groups that work together.

Edit…idk how I screwed that up.

  1. Increase your performance
    GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)

  2. Check to see if you have a Puma6 chipset modem, those have me lots of disconnects.

  3. Keep a notepad next to your computer. Try playing LFG and if you see someone cool, send them a friend request. Write on the notepad what you thought was cool about them.


tbh your post was TL;DR so i didnt see that part

anyway you really shouldn’t expect a proper team comp from QP. there are support/tank mains like me out there who are tired of playing our roles and just want to DPS for a change, even if it means insta-locking and not switching for the rest of the game.


1: I’m broke at the moment and only have a cheap pre-build pc from Walmart.
2: I live out in the middle of nowhere and my only option for internet is the “high speed” of 5mbps. Fun fact, when I called my provider to see if I had other options, the guy on the phone was actually surprised they covered my area because of how far out we are…


Goats only really works at diamond or above. If you’re at the gold/plat border like me, you aren’t seeing goats. Mostly because no one wants to tank. I’ve seen it 3 times in 2ish seasons. It’s only really an issue at higher ranks.


wdym I’m usually only getting 3-3 in QP.


…fair. I have a bad habit of rambling and ranting…

I guess the only solution is to just not let it frustrate me and play whatever in casual, then try competitive if I’m feeling lucky/competitive.


I’ve played 3-3 more in the last week than I had in the previous 6 months. I think with OWL people are starting to ‘get it’, and it is very effective even in Silver.


That happens because Overwatch’s supports do not have good feedback or aesthetically interesting designs overall, meanwhile tanks are being stunlocked to literal oblivion and dying pretty much instantly because reasons.

Look at the support category, what archetypes do you see? A pacifist medic, a DJ frogboy, David Bowie without the charisma, Brigitte and a monk with fortune cookie quotes. Ana, a granny with a dart gun who looks like breaking her hip going downstairs, is the good one.

Overwatch is a character and a power fantasy. Supports don’t offer that fix as much as a badass Cyborg ninja, tortured dragon controlling bowman, never-miss-a-shot sniper, Clint Eastwood knockoff, rifflewoman gang leader, literal representation of death, grizzled veteran soldier (also Clint Eastwood), a literal tank, a stealth hacker, dual wielding time traveler and Iron Man-looking rocket firing badass…

Beyond that, on fire rate heavily favors eliminations over tanking or support tasks, so does POTG and so does the UI. “Eliminated player name” and multi-kill sounds are huge fix for the players, they want that, it’s literally a drug being delivered to your brain.

What to tanks and sups get? Oh, here’s a meager white text you’ll barely notice saying you blocked and healed damage, meh, who cares. Blocked enemy teamwiping ults then got a 3 player shatter so the team could clear the point? Good for you, game doesn’t care, here’s POTG, Reaper pressed Q and killed two stragglers. Ever looked at that DPS Moira and asked yourself “why?” Well, there it is why, the game is literally telling that Moira player that DPSing more valuable than a actually playing the role.

Tossed a ball and ticked some unlucky bastard who would have died anyway?

ELIMINATED Unlucky Bastard.”

Clutch healed the team so they could sustain and hold point?
healed +50 who gives a toss

This is a team game where 2/3 of a team should and often are not damage heroes, so why do we have a feedback system out of Call of Duty?

QoL changes in certain areas would go a long way to improve the gameplay experience of the game, things like:

  1. Better UI for tanks and supports. Let the DPS have the big red “Eliminated” text. Tanks and supports get “Healed” and “Blocked” big red texts. “Eliminated” becomes the small white thingy for them.
  2. Adjust POTG system to account for tanking and supports specific tasks.
  3. Same as #2, but for on fire rate.
  4. Break the mold. Nexts heroes should completely flip the switch on the archetype. Supports should be badass mother-forkers, DPS nurturing and comforting, tanks small and soothing, etc. Everybody is assuming Echo is a support. Why? Because she’s slim, feminine, clean? There’s almost a “tranquilizing” vibe to her isn’t there? Great character representation through visuals, now make her a DPS or a tank (preferably tank given the roster’s imbalance).


the thing is tanks and healers rely on your team. dps ur basically a solo god. plus some of the heroes have no downsides like tracer. (besides the low hp but the time to kill is so fast it doesn’t even matter). tanks weapons are mostly all busted or have a downside. roadhog being the worse basically useless.

plus u blame ur internet and computer for not playing ranked. half the people who play rank dont care so just do it. rank is basically the same as qp


They play for money so naturally they play “to win.”


Nice post, and a lot of it rings true, but this line kind of contradicts some of it. If Ana is the preferred support despite her aesthetic qualities and lack of superficial feedback, then it’s implied that players gravitate to heroes more for their game play elements. The reason a hero like Genji is preferred over Mercy is because it’s a lot more technically rewarding to play him proficiently.

I.e. no matter how many roses you throw at the triangle player, he still undoubtedly has the lamest role in the whole orchestra.


because its not fun and people play quick play to have fun

even in Diamond+ a lot of people don’t play it because they just don’t want to

And even then, it takes a lot of coordination to pull off successfully as its all about cooldown management and ult economy. A bunch of rando silver or QP glue eaters couldn’t pull it off if they tried.


Well i know its not your “fault” you cant play comp, crappy pc and internet is a good reason to stay away, but it sure isnt the games fault, so its kinda on you at this point.

Also we dont use GOATS because its tough to use, even in comp (high plat) i always tell people we shouldnt, is best for everyone to play what theyre best at within reason, and none of us a practiced with GOATS. GOATS requires a ton of communication and coordination to play well, and even if my team somehow pulls it off its just boring long fights, who wants that???


You forgot the part that tanks and healers in general designed as if for bad/new/elderly players. Barely any mechanical requirements, lots of room for error.

The only support people willingly fill is Ana - she is also the only support hero with any mechanical difficulty to doing her job (healing), rest basically heal on auto-pilot.
Same with tanks - you will fill Zarya/Hog positions without issues, but Rein? That will be a lot of grudge.

Same actually true for DPS! Most players do not want easy-mode handheld gameplay. There is a reason most players do not want to even touch Mei, Junkrat or Torb (they have their fans, I know) even though these are much stronger than general consensus says about them. Devs for some weird reason cannot fathom this and keep powercreeping unpopular roles and unpopular heroes.

Aesthetics are important too, as you correctly mentioned. Tanks are lacking in this regard - the only cool/attractive tank in the game is D.Va and her follower base is huge. Other tanks are just comically goofy or ugly.


Aesthetic and lore is a reason, not all the reason. Gameplay design of course is also a big part of it. How strong a hero and how good it is to actually interact with said character of course are big part of it too.

There’s an anecdote that goes around in game design. A racing game made its way all the way through alpha testing. The cars all had different designs, aesthetic as well as gameplay. There were small cars, big cars, red, blue, and to each car various bars of stats informing the player of acceleration, top speed, stability, etc.

Playtester quickly reported some cars were too niche, some cars overtuned, others undertuned, others were too hard. Turns out the alpha was rigged and all the cars were actually the exact same stats, zero difference, all the feedback came just out of the aesthetic.

How something is communicated to the players is often more important than what actually is. Players will break though that sometimes, particularly at higher levels of play I didn’t say otherwise, but Overwatch is also a casual game, I would bet even players above average go for it freely and aren’t measuring methodically their actual value, they’re just taking in the feedback.