3-2-1 will not improve queue times

Good for them.

But a HUGE chunk of the Tank players will either quit, play Support, or (most likely) play DPS, because that’s where (according to Jeff) the Off-Tanks would be moved :woman_shrugging:

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There is much more in that than just lower life quality for main tanks. Even if main tanks will feel as comfortable than before, the q times still would stay the same since off tanks will stop playing tanks. Here are my thoughts: 1-3-2 will make Q times even longer

Would be nice if they could add it to Arcade so everyone could try it out.

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I think it will be not as big a difference as the DPS players think. if you lose half the tank players which is very possible, then the available pool will balance out as the bulk will likely go DPS. Today the breakdown is 20% tank, 30% support, 50% DPS. Half the tanks go DPS (rough estimate) then we are now looking at a 10% tank 60% DPS, 20% support - that would mean while queue time is dropped by 33% for DPS, their pool of players waiting goes up by 20%… so it will mean queue times for DPS improve, but only by say maybe at best 20%. It’s an improvement, but its not going to be the wholesale change they think and the match quality will suffer outright.

Totally agreed, as a tank player it would either make me quit tanking and switch to dps or quite the game entirely.

I agree. However, to play with the idea I made a post about potential changes to make all tanks viable and maybe fun in 1/3/2 – check it out: A GUIDE FOR THE DEVS: How to make all tanks viable and possibly more fun in 1-3-2

Void threats.
That only happened with Flex players, and they became DPS players.
Many offtank players will still play and go main tank and even if some tanks leave, in that comp system we only need HALF to make it worth so yeah, it is what it is.

Uhh Maybe? But also maybe not… If they buff the remaining tanks and rebalance the off tanks as DPS/Support hybrids, then who knows if you will dislike being a juggernaut.

Remember they COULD NOT buff main tanks before or else we’d never see off tanks. Before role based SR was implemented we could have had 6 tanks on a team. That made it impossible for the devs to buff most tanks to be effective as a solo player in their role.


I repeat

Do you only play off tanks? If so then you will probably not see many changes in how you play moment-to-moment.

If you play MAIN TANK, then expect buffs.

P.S. If all the off tanks get moved to DPS then we can potentially have a very beefy composition with 2/3 DPS playing old off tanks, to support the new main tank.

This change is very transformative but also opens so many different ways to play and is why I find the public outcry so strange.

If you dont like how they balance the game then it doesnt matter if its 2-2-2 or 3-2-1. But at least now it’s structured by any role. Before it was a free-for-all, where you can have someone in your diamond game for DPS but their Tank/Support roles are in silver. previously they could probably be in plat, either dominating one role or being dead weight on the others.

Matches are so much better now and people attribute this more towards 2-2-2 composition lock than the SR rating system

If Zarya is converted into a main tank, I will not play the role. The only exception, is she stays a off tank and buffed to work alone. I also do not want her moved to DPS. That removes her entire shield system. There is no way they could get that to work in a DPS slot.

Uhh how do you know they will remove her bubbles if shes gets moved to a DPS role? She would probably have lower self sustain but still retain her ability to support her team. I dont they they want to delete Zarya and add a new hero.

Because they would use the bubble to give her shields to herself. She’d be probably dropped to 250hp. And the bubbles would give her the 150-200hp back. With probably no out of battle regen. This is not what I want out of her. So the bubbles would be worthless in my eyes.

The bubbles are not best used to start your self sustain. They are best used to counter enemy abilities, kill shots and to build energy so you can melt their frontline.

They may dial her tankiness back and maybe her self bubble but I really dont see her teammates bubble going away. They will probably increase her beam damage as well, so that would be really fun

agree with title.
Here is what will happen with 1-3-2
Tanks that don’t play “the” meta tank will quick tanking and move to the DPS queue (cause who wants to play support in 1-3-2)
Overworked /underappreciated support will move to the DPS queue (cause why move to Tank and get harassed for not wanting choice of Hero).
Now the DPS queue has bulged and is waiting on both tanks and healers.

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I doubt there will lose too many tank players to make this working.

But assume you were right. If that is the case than ow only rescue is to change to what all other games are: dps only. With some minor additional role abilitites.

There is a reason why no other game exists like this. There is no market for it. People wanna play dps.
So either 132 is working or roles have no future as they had no past at all.

Current meta tanks are defined by their synergy with the other tanks. Almost every single meta has been dictated by this principle. If we remove the duo synergy, and greatly reduce the oppressive impact by shifting some off tanks to DPS and buffing solo tanks then we have a new situation.

To say that Rein (for example) will be meta on every map is a bit ridiculous.

I hope you realize that if the tank role loses too many players, dps queue times will still go up, even if there’s 3 slots. And then, when you do get matches, the games will be unbalanced as the matchmaker tries to pull tanks from all kinds of ranks into a game…

To expect the solo tank to not get increase pressure and harrassment from their team based on who/how they chose to play is also ridiculous.

When you’re the solo anything in a team game, there’s a magnifying glass on you and that pressure builds as you climb. If you choose to.

The thing that kept me from playing tank in most mmos was the pressure of performance. I never felt that as dps and only occasionally as support. With tanks, it’s a lot more but I manage by knowing dungeons ahead of time.

With overwatch, that pressure alone will keep most casuals away from tanks and the harrassment will get rid of even more.

If 3 2 1 happens it wouldn’t matter how it’s balanced, you’ll definitely have less tank players anyway.

Screw tank players! So long as DPS mains are happy, that’s all that matters.

100% agree that 1_3_2 will do nothing to lessen q times. I see it doing the opposite…