3-2-1 will not improve queue times

This is a response to this statement from Jeff Kaplan

There is however a big flaw in here; If you implement this, you will lose more tank players than you have ever have before, myself included.

This won’t decrease queue times for DPS because you will just push more tank players away from this role.
Please Blizzard, DON’T DO THIS

If you want to decrease DPS queue times there is only one thing you can really do; Make more people want to play tank.

Playing tank has for a long time been referred as “a chore”, you need to listen to the tank players and make the changes necessary to make tanking more fun.

I’m not saying that Blizzard should become boot-lickers of tank players but if the overwhelming majority of tank players can agree on a few things as “issues” then maybe it’s worth paying attention to.

The biggest issues we tank players seem to have (At least from what I’ve seen plus my opinion) are as follows:

  • CC - we are tired of being volleyballs

  • Reaper - I can understand counterplay but a counter should be in favour in the match up, not dominate

  • Mei - Being frozen multiple times in a row is infuriating

  • Hanzo - He’s too effective at close distance to be a sniper

I have been playing this game with 3 other friends since season 3. I never had the issue so many others had where they had 3, 4, 5 or even 6 DPS because I and one friend are tanks mains and the other 2 are support mains, so before 2-2-2 we still always had 2 tanks and 2 supports, then the 2 other people in our team would most often pick DPS.

So when 2-2-2 came I didn’t really care because I would have the same comp I’ve played with for a really long time. But if I or my friend will be FORCED to solo tank, we’re both quitting. Maybe not from the game, but definetly from the tank role

3-2-1 will reduce the amount of tank players even more because we hate solo tanking and will just start playing DPS. Instead, make more people want to play tank by nerfing that which makes tanking feel awful.


I agree with you 100% i am a tank support main mostly and if the make role Q with either of those roles at solo i will stop playing the respective role. Solo tan/heals = 0 fun


Jeff adressed this too why even repeat the exact same thing with your “own words”, thread seems rather pointless.

He also said other tank players enjoy the extra focus and relevance they get when solo tanking, what about those players then?

How about you stop being a prophet and we just test this system?
I’m sure if they implement 3-2-1 there will be buffs to tanks which players might like.
I don’t like playing tanks at all, but if they make em like some kind of team bosses, it will be great

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Those players will definitely not be enough to make the queue times improve…


100% facts from OP. Want more tanks? Make winston and rein better. Give them more armour. And make repear, mei, doom, hanzo, mccree worse vs tanks.

Easy fix for queue times.

I agree with you, and while I don’t want it personally, you’re making a bold claim that “everyone” hates it.

But personally I think the problem goes beyond losing those who hate solo tanking. They’re gonna be moving Hog to DPS with this system, so they’re losing the Hog players to DPS queue times, and that’s potentially going to happen with every other off tank they decide is easier to balance in the DPS slot, or they’re going to potentially lose tanks to the reworks.

But then again, they could also gain tank players from it too. It’s yet to be seen, but I think it’s not worth it simply for the reworks that are required for this idea to even work

Being a boss is not fun at all… in which game you’re the boss? no one… nobody wants to be so op…

As a Hammond main (230+ hrs) I can’t wait to hear my teammates reaction when they roll this abomination of an idea out and the match starts.


ah yes, you a player would know more than jeff Kaplan, a game dev with over 10 years experience, and the data to show what would happen.

its hilarious most of you championed role que when it was in your favor. now that it has to solve the problems it created at the expense of tanks, you all are on your knees begging for it not to happen.

I for one welcome role que.

its about time something was done in favor of dps.

You haven’t read any patch notes for the last 1,5 years?


you haven’t played the game as dps for the last 3 years have you?

If DPS were bad they wouldn’t have 70% of the player base pick them

There’s a reason tanks are so unpopular

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this is the stupidest reasoning ive ever heard.

you literally disprove this statement with your own post.

you seem to think tanking is a terrible thing to do right now, yet you still main tank?

do you even think before you post?

its a shooter. designed to mainly attract people who like dps. ofcourse that’s the majority.

  1. I have issues with this =/= I hate every single aspect of this, i Play tank for the good moments they have while still complaining about he bad moments.

  2. It’s an objective based team shooter with multiple elements from MOBAs, it’s not just another FPS, I want you to look at Rein, Winston and Sigma and tell me it’s a normal FPS

Nerfing tank busters is a great start but more needs to be done for OW2 imo

  • give in depth tutorials for all 3 roles (tanking is arguably the hardest role to understand and alot of people shift away from it because they play it wrong and see no success)
  • stop allowing POTG to revolve around high damage output and boops. A zarya bubble on a hooked team mate followed by a solo grav on nanoblade genji is usually much better play than a random moira ult, reaper ult etc. reward people for high iq plays (if its even possible).
  • make more off-tanks (id even go as far as reworking sigma into an off tank by taking shield away for something else tbh)
  • give better incentives for players to play more than just 1 role. (Eg- 3 wins on tank = priority dps que)
  • just add more fun and engaging tanks and only release melee based shield tanks like rein from now on. A tank should not have high ranged damage output, defensive utility and amazing cc whilst being able to sit behind a shield imo. Its bad for every1 and encourages shield stacking

now take this thought process and apply it to dps, and its easy to see they have their problems too.

said by a person who has never played a moba in their life.

as someone who extensively plays mobas currently, overwatch has 0 in common with a moba.

abilities existed in shooters long before overwatch, and none of those are considered moba hybrids, and objectives have been in shooters as long as they have existed.

the idea of “tanky” characters have also been in shooters since unreal tournament and quake.

the is nothing “moba” about overwatch.

there are no jungle camps

there are no creeps

you don’t have to eearn and level abilities

there are no items

there are no builds

there are no lanes, or towers

there are no buff camps or global buff bosses.

overrwatch has 0 moba unique elements.

Its amazing how you literally added the quote that proves you wrong mate.
Mathematically, empirically and theorically it WILL reduce the queue times.

Those vague and feeble threats of “If you do this, we will leave” mean nothing.
No tank is leaving.

I will, so will multiple tank mains I know
Maybe not from the game but we sure as hell ain’t gonna continue playing tank

Infact… they would become main something else