27 minute comp overtime overtime

maybe give us like at least 1 competitive reward point toward gun purchases if we’re in a 27 minute competitive game that Blizzard decided can’t be a draw at 6 to 6 and is dragged out very long?

Play better so they don’t double cap third point?


Wait, are you talking about learning and taking lessons from it? No way! Give us reward for playing the game! Dudes are stimming for any reason.

How do you draw a torb?

…you Tracer!




is this thing on?

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I was once in a Gibraltar match that was 18-19 and lasted for 58 minutes. I believe the tank on my team was holding the lobby hostage as they were really agressive on attack but delibarately afk, pretending to spawn camp on defense… letting the enemy team push through every time.
It was 6 rounds in total…
Our team lost because of DC’s…
It was the biggest waste of time.

Heres how to win those you make sure you push with less time so you get to defend second. Meaning as long as you can stop them once in overtime you win the game. Meaning you build and stack ults and wait for overtime and also in a hard spot for attackers to push through, usually last point is best. Then you use emp, torb ult, ram ult plus nano, and kiriko ult all at the same time and win the game. And if it doesnt work then just leave.