20GB update? ‎ ‎ ‎

Is it just me or is the pre-release update size around 20gb?
This is too big for seasonal update unless they’re planning on releasing the PvE on mid-season patch by surprise.


they said on the video update
new season comes with a BASE update for the game
whatever that means , thats the 20gb

That’s a bit sus don’t you think?

well they have to make foundation for future things to couple later


My suspicion it’s for the PvE stuff since they’ll be implementing some PvE aspect to the Starwatch mode/event.

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To quote the pinned dev comment

This patch will also be a “rebase” patch which will require a very large download for all players on all platforms. Rebase patches consolidate our patches into the core game, which in the long run, keeps the final data size of the game client manageable for both PC and console.

You will need to have as much as 38 GB of free space on your system when updating.


lets call it a recompiled database

that happens when instead of just 0s and 1s you begin to add more numbers

ha! programmers joke

There’s a pinned thread with information.

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It’s not actually 20 GB of new stuff, to simplify it’s changing the internal structure of stuff that’s already there. The patch won’t actually use 20 GB of storage space on your PC

Well it will, temporarily, until the patch is installed.

Great!!! More untested bugs to add to the game!!!

Agreed. They should give us 95% off all shop prices for this big update tbh… they’re eating up our storage and it might be because of brig’s new shield is worth 10 gb or Lifeweaver is so thicccc the update is 15gb.


they also said " If you do not have that much space, you can also uninstall the game client and reinstall it in full"
will this lower the size? by how much?

Don’t get your hopes up, OP.

Blizzard is going to drag this in the dirt for as long as possible. Feeding everyone droplets of information and then when everyone’s nerves/anxiety hits critical mass… THAT’S when we’ll find out something. Even then I don’t think it’ll be too much.

Maybe a 20 minute video announcement. If we are lucky.

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I’ve personally given up hope that there will ever be the PvE campaign that they said there would be. I’ll admit though, I’m a little disappointed by that, but not much.

Not that uncommon. Eventually when you are updating the code enough its easier to just have a full reinstall be required to smooth everything out which is what we have here. Pretty standard code update that you will probably see happen again both when the PvE launches and 6-9 months after that.

So, what this large update is all about is compression, so it is not too large. If you play Apex Legends, they do this with each season, its a means of not infinitely adding ontop of the existing bunch. It’s so we dont have a Warzone situation where the base game is 150+gb

I have 4k P that is smaller.