2020 Overwatch League Streaming & Rewards Guide - TOKEN DROPS NOW HERE!


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My apologies, you are not eligible to earn tokens per the promotion rules and conditions. This promotion is not eligible to viewers in China or in certain other territories. This promotion is only offered to legal residents of Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. For complete rules and eligibility requirements, click here .

Oh, ok. So basically everyone except Romania.

Actually there is a good chunk of EU countries not eligible. Its been like this since the original promotion in 2018 and very few countries have been added to the list. I have been vouching Blizzard to get more countries eligible, but I am not familiar with the legal boundaries they have to work around.

Ok. Thank you very much for your support.

You’re welcome, I wish I had better news.


Why isn’t the entire schedule posted on the Overwatch League website? Like, NYXL is playing tomorrow morning but you’d never know it by looking at the site.

Ah, they have it in two different spots. That’s a little dumb. Put them all together.

The APAC region May Melee Tournament is in its own section (scroll down below).

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Can confirm I also (finally) got tokens by clicking the Live Now banner.


Does it need to switch to another live now page when other teams start to play?

You’d think that the main page on the website would be the most obvious place to watch with the live feed being available directly.
I’m watching what’s left of the APAC final on the “Live Now” page with the bigger viewer but having it tell you that you’re logged in to receive rewards on the main page and it not logging your hours is not encouraging.

I also think we should try watching from the “Live Now” banner for each match for the final matches tonight to see if there’s any differences, good luck everyone, hopefully it works after nearly 48hrs since starting.

I can confirm by watching the “Live Now” banner page, I just received my first 5 tokens the entire weekend. It’s a shame that it didn’t accumulate with the live feed from the main page as well so I hope that this system is looked at in future to make it easier, or at least make the correct way clearer to all of us officially.

Please tell people to try and watch from the other page and not on the site’s main one to try and see if this is really making a difference.


I can also confirm that what fixed it for me was clicking on the “Live Now” banner at the top. No other troubleshooting solution worked for me, and I tried everything. I disabled my adblocker, removed and re-enabled my Overwatch League site permissions, signed out and back in and even deleted cookies and cleared the cache. I only somehow got 2 drops at the beginning and then nothing for at least like 15+ hours of viewing.

Then, after switching to the “Live Now” page after hours of no drops, I immediately got one and then 4 more in perfect hour-long intervals. So I assure you, if you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked out, it’s this. Click on the banner when the match is live.

Additional information:
-) I watched on the desktop-version of the OWL-site on my PC
-) I used Firefox
-) I got the drops even with adblock enabled
-) I stayed on the site of a live match which had ended but let the embedded livestream continue (so it showed the wrong match/teams) and still got drops for hours

I’m pretty sure after all that I’ve tried and experienced that most of the issues people have is due to site-design and you having to click on the damn “Live Now” banner. A ton of people probably don’t even know that you can do that, due to the games being watchable on the main page and it literally TELLING YOU that you are earning drops while logged in there. Anyway, this needs to be fixed ASAP, but I hope I could help some people.

PS: If you haven’t already, watch the Asia-region grand final, it was incredible!

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So I was right all along. I did try the home page livestream again for 1hr to check if it works but no. I switch back to the LIVE NOW page and got the tokens.

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I was able to finally get tokens. The ONLY thing I did was switch from Firefox to Chrome. Both times I watched from the main page.

From reading this thread, looks like there many different bugs preventing this from working.

Quite disappointing that this was put into prod without testing. I suppose it’s what we should expect from Blizzard nowadays. :neutral_face:

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Update: I was able to earn tokens, because I was able to log in. Today, I encountered the same problem, where I can’t log in. Nothing has changed, from then to now.

i didnt get any tokens after 20 hours watching and now i m banned? wtf is this game i m lvl 1246

Sad my country is not available. I am really starting to like OWL and supporting Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock, but i am only a casual player and cannot give myself the benefit of spending money on aditional game content or skins