2019 Overwatch League All-Star Game - FINAL


He’s where he belongs. :rage:


What was the final score of Diem and Fleta? I kinda missed that one…


hahaha VIOLET vs BREN… Soe is going to make it happen! :smiley:i want to see this :smiley:


OWL Production Crew! Please make a Violet vs Bren Widow match happen! Heck it could be the opening match to the 1v1 finals!


6v6 McCree is gonna be crazy.


There’s gonna be more 4Heads getting clicked than the Widowmaker tournament.


With a 100% increase in “Howdy.”


Wait, why isn’t Bumper being allowed play in the Hanzo match? UNACCEPTABLE!


“Who’s that wearing the Bren mask!?”



Emonte is my spirit animal.


Put Haksal on Genji you cowards.


Is nobody gonna acknowledge the clean 3-tap from slime onto a genji?


Also not getting tokens here!
already tried relinking accounts!


On twitch, click on your profile in the top right and make sure your status says: “Watching OverwatchLeague stream Overwatch”.

Opening other twitch streams can change this status and then you won’t earn drops.


Tokens are dropping in general. Additional troubleshooting in my starting post here:


this sibling rivalry match has been kinda quiet. kinda like when it was in the arcade before the arcade changed to what we have now


I remember playing “We’re All Soldiers Now” when the arcade launched. xD


i remember playing the pharmercy only game mode


I’m genuinely curious to see how the all supports match plays out because I was in a Mystery Heroes game once where my entire team was support heroes and we completely rolled the other team. We put out so little damage but we were able to keep everybody up so we ended up winning.


Jayne used to have a team that played in local tournaments. They would play 6 supports in the finals to troll.