[200+ likes!] Top500 Junkrat main explains in extreme detail why he needs buffs


that is the most important part


I have seen a pro say they had a hard time hitting the tire at the old speed. It may have been hard for them, but it was pretty much impossible for everyone else.

I don’t think the speed should be reverted because I don’t think any ult should be a guaranteed pick in a game where the team that gets the first pick wins like 70% of teamfights.

Other than that I agree with all of your other points .


Junkrat should be one of the top dps in the upper tiers right now because he is a counter to a meta comp. The same is true of Bastion and Pharah.


I’m not a career Junkrat, but the hero definitely feels weak with slow and tiny grenades. If you have to painstakingly aim every shot, why not pick Hanzo instead, I think latter has higher average damage nowadays.


they were complaining about junkrat when he first got buffed, they literally couldn’t hit his tire, no one could


No, they were not.

This article was April 6th

April 19th it was nerfed

It was too hard to hit AND it came up too fast.

And again, ults that are guaranteed picks are OP. You shouldn’t be guaranteed a pick when you ult, because of the massive advantage you gain when you have the numbers advantage. Currently, every individual ult in this game has reasonably available ways to deny it a pick, as should be the case.


Junkrat got to much value for how ez and spammy he is, meta just doesn’t favour him


Junkrat still (barely) has higher damage but it don’t translate to more eliminations, even though he should in theory get more tags than Hanzo.

So if you want more damage, no real reason not to pick Hanzo instead .


Junkrat is an inefficient killer. Either he does damage, but they get away, or he manages to finally tag someone with a kill. In comp, overall average, He has to do I think roughly 2.5x damage compared to the average HP meter to a character to kill 1 character? … doing the math and… Yeah. He has to kill someone Roughly 2.5X over. Vs Genji, tracer, or Winston. Which is roughly 1.5x, 1.25x, and 1x respectively. Winston is the most efficient killer , Damage/Kill ratio.


I know he is one. That’s why I pointed out that the extra damage doesn’t actually translate to kills.

His nade size needs to go back up.

  • August 29, 2017 Patch: Tire’s movement speed has been increased by 30%; There is no longer a time limit when wall climbing.

  • May 3, 2018 Patch: Tire movement speed decreased from 13 to 12.

… Alexis! is the correct one here. I think maybe you forgot when they buffed the speed.


He had two nerfs to his Rip-Tire. I assumed “first got buffed,” meant the earliest iteration of speedier tire.

They comments about tire being hard to hit was made in early April. The tire got the change on the PTR in mid April.


Yes, that would be… PTR… And the change officialy happened in May…


Regardless, if they were complaining about tire speed a couple of weeks prior to a tire change on any version, than it means they were talking about the version just prior to the nerf rather than a version of tire that was no longer around prior to their comments.


The nerf that happened in may… after april?

I mean, they complained DURRING OWL, but people complained all over since the buff happened… It was nearly a year of junkrat buffed tire movement.

Are you trying to argue that they waited half a year to moan?


You “main” junkrat so you do not play everyone? so you do not play the game how it was intended? so why should your 1/25th opinion matter?


No. I am saying that they were complaining about 13 speed tire, it was NOT just early on. They was literally a huge conversation about it just two weeks before it was changed.

I made the claim that even pros had trouble with 13 speed Rip-Tire.

Alexis seemed to me to be making the claim this was only at it’s earliest incarnation.

I said that it was still too powerful, even to them, even as late as two weeks prior to its nerf.

You claimed Alexis was the correct one, because I think you misread the convo.


“how it was intended” … yeeeah. You can go.


People have -always- complained that Junkrats tire was too hard to hit… a clip from OWL does not time-date complaints penultimate beginning…


I linked to an article to two weeks before the nerf, to dispute the idea 13 tire was okay to them at any point. It was to counter the idea that the complaints were only at the beginning. I was trying to show that it was always true that 13 tire was a problem for its entire lifespan.