[200+ likes!] Top500 Junkrat main explains in extreme detail why he needs buffs


yeah she’s something. i do like playing as her tho


Blizzard is buffing hitscan so much junkrat has almost no use in this game anymore.


Blizzard should have learned more from TF2 than it did

The only real hitscan in that game is the sniper at long range. Everything else has a projectile speed


She is really fun.

I find it funny that as hard as she can counter Junkrat, he also counters her by being very good at killing the barriers that enable her. She doesn’t necessarily completely invalidate you if you’re playing Junkrat. She just kind of shifts your goals a bit as long as your team is willing to counter-pick her with a genji or a tracer or something (or the new Roadhog. He’s quite strong against her).




Seriously though, he could use some changes to make him excel better.


Primary bug fix possibly?



Sounds more like a Hanzo/Mei primary thing.


One can only hope!!!


Doubt it, but its a nice thing over all.

While Ashe kind of shuts Junkrat down, but it isn’t as bad since I can swallow hitscan simply crapping on Junkrat and the ranges we fight in are different.

Now, Genji and Tracer? Those two galls me a lot though.


I didn’t have many problems with ashe yet, but I’ve had even more “misses” with grenades recently. I think she is worse than mccree in the direct matchup, because unlike mccree she cannot delete your projectiles and mines by pressing a button.

Edit: lucio just literally caught my grenade, which disappeared, but he didn’t take any damage from it.
Meanwhile I get punched around corners from doomfist, and not like “this is laggy”, but straight up having a kink in his trajectory.


i hope it is, i really do


Still no response from anyone as to how the " projectiles" fix effected any characters.


Been playing more ashe and torb lately, but so far, I’ve yet to see the junkrat projectile not connecting for a while though. Maybe it’s fixed but this is just limited view.


I meant anyone at the top/on the team. Like what they saw happening, and how the fix works.


well just have to wait :confused:


I LOVE posts like this. Very detailed and presenting well solutions. I love how you actually introduced interesting ideas about how to balance him.

So let me comment on a few things here…

The junkrat grenades themselves. I do feel they’re too small. However, It was incredibly difficult to deal with mines constantly, especially in chokes, hallways or areas you couldn’t deal with them. For example, Hanamura gate, and stairs going up to the balcony on point B, Numbani top on point A, Hollywood point A. There are moments when Junkrat just feels overwhelming because he just spams constantly. So while i agree his damage inconsistencies are there, i feel like his damage is “random by nature”. The only thing i could think of them doing is increasing the size, but reducing the fire speed of them, and maybe increasing the damage by a small amount. So you’d fire very slowly, and would have to think about every shot, but would do lots of damage and would reward high skill with it. I just feel like the spammy nature of junkrat is one of the fun things about him.

On the top of the mines… I actually agreed with you. I liked the idea that it would do certain amounts of damage based on it being set or in the air. I do think it needs to be nerfed in the sense that him just immediately throwing it and detonating it should not be a thing. He should not be able to just charge people, fire, shift, right click instantly, that shouldn’t be a thing. They should nerf its damage mid air, make it more about it being an actual trap.

However, I believe that his concussive grenade should be able to latch onto shields and not bounce off them This would add interesting gameplay allowing him to be a real shield breaker consistently, and if it latched to a brig or rein shield, they have to worry about their shield just taking a lot of damage instantly. This would really give Junkrat a niche shield breaker feel while making his damage more consistent.

I feel like Junkrat’s bear trap should announce it to the enemy, and reveal their location to the team. Letting the team know someone is trapped, possibly not showing who the person is who’s trapped but just showing a trapped icon, like what junkrat sees.

As far as Junkrat’s ultimate. This has been one of the most frustrating things about Junkrat as a whole. So… in my opinion, Junkrat’s tire is perhaps the most consistently OP ult in the game. It’s overshadowed by the buffed Hanzo’s dragon, but we won’t go there. What I mean is, Junkrat builds ultimate incredibly fast compared to most heroes. Nearly every teamfight, for some reason the enemy junkrat gets it constantly, while ours never gets it. That ult almost ALWAYS somehow kills a support. 90% of the time, a support dies to that ult. The tricky pathing you can do with that ult makes it incredibly difficult to balance, the raw damage on the ultimate is just crazy to deal with. It’s one of the few ultimates that’s been nerfed multiple times and is still one of the most annoying ults to deal with, outside of mei’s ult, sombra hack, genji blade or dragon, that ult forces a player to be looking for it, in the heat of the battle or someone dies, 100%. I actually feel like Junkrat is going to be pretty powerful with ashe, in the sense of them being able to lock down locations and have two ults that force the team to look away, and not have places to hide.

I DO agree with you on killing junkrat should significantly weaken his ult, if he dies during it. This feels rewarding that you feel like you punished junkrat, but ultimately it did nothing because the ult goes off anyways. I do agree that junkrat needs buffs in some way, I’m not sure if buffing the charge rate is the right call. It’s that fine line of, most heroes have an ult that most likely kills one or two people, but it’s difficult for them to build it. Where as Hanzo fires to arrows gets a dragon, and junkrat gets his shorty after. I don’t want to be in a world where game starts “FIRE IN THE HOLE”, rez “FIRE IN THE HOLE” rez “FIRE IN THE HOLE” that’s just not fun to deal with. It feels like you may as well just go and play Dead by Daylight by the amount of times you’re running from something trying to kill you.

Ultimates are already too overwhelming in this game. While i believe junk could use some love, I think he’s in a good place, he’s just overshadowed by the meta right now. He’s in no way a terrible hero, he’s just not as OP as doom, sombra, mei and hanzo. I would like to see those four heroes nerfed, they’re already working on Doomfist, but the other three need nerfs, for sure, and I would definitely like to see Junkrat’s mines be able to latch onto shields and do more damage towards shields, giving him that hardcore shield buster role that people try to play him as. Especially with the Bastion buffs right around the corner. We’ll see Junks and Ashes come out as the potential counters to them, so we’ll have to see how it goes.


Every statistic on his play in higher tiers says otherwise.


we can’t keep buffing every dps just because they’re “not as op as another hero” i think the other heroes that overshadow junkrat are just too good right now, that’s my opinion. Junkrat is capable of dealing insane damage if you know what you’re doing. The top heroes are just capable of consistently deleting like 2-3 heroes with their eyes closed. The issue isn’t “junkrat sucks” it’s that everything else is “too good”.


Its not a buff, his grenades literaly pass through targets because server side collision is slow on physics, and he is the 1 physics driven primary fire character in this game,


Yes, but I think most people agree that his grenade hitbox has to be increased again, simply for logic’s sake, as they can and will pass through the tiniest gaps sometimes, where even hitscan heroes would hit their marks.