2 Weeks of Unplayable Lag

For the last two weeks, my lag has been so bad I see other players floating, rubberbanding, disconnected, and then reconnected back into the game I was in.

I have ran some tracert and I am dropping hop 9, prior to making it to NA Central which is hop 10. I have watched NA West jump to 248 ms on Game Server Ping. So what changed in the last two weeks? What IP can I trace to go complain to Comcast about? I am just using Google searches to find what to ping.

The trace gets so far, I believe it is not my IP but the funneling outside of it. Do I have any options?

We recommend gather some WinMTR data as mentioned in this post:

Run the test to the IP listed in the netgraph at the start of the match and let it run for the duration of the match. If you did not experience issues with that match, retry with a new match making sure to update the IP based on what is listed in the netgraph … WinMTR is a better test for determining connection issues than your typical trace route or pathping.

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