2 weeks more with brokencree and mei?

if we have wait 1 week more of 1-3-2 experimental card, then wait another week for the experimental time with the mcree and mei nerfs on the experimental card…


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No, Mei changes will be on the PTR.


Probably. Wish they would get it over with already.

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yes but this is for something that needs a bigger change than just a number changes or disable one hability. they still can remove multifrezz with no ptr.

what does that even mean? can you or someone else explain?

I understood it to mean there is only so much they can test on the experimental cards. The rest has to be done on PTR.

I don’t know why or where the line is on what can and can’t be tested though, speaking about the experimental card

noo what the mei change means

I understand that part

Oh - sorry - not sure - I took it as something to do with getting pinned against meis wall