2 Supports - Baptiste/Mercy main LFG for comp

Hello folks!

We are two guys from Scotland - 28 & 30 years old - looking to play some competitive with an organized group of people. We mostly play Baptiste/Mercy but we can also do Lucio & Kiriko very well. I personally play all supports competently but mostly Bap.

We are silver atm but climbing!

Available most nights & sometimes during the day as working from home :wink:

Not looking for anything mega serious but definitely want to see how far we can go!

Get in touch if you’re interested!

You can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254 :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m can’t offer you a group but if you’d like to play some comps with me then add me on battle net RocketJump#21289.
Short: 30 years old, Pharah/Cassidy main, around plat