2 more brigitte nerfs


What do you guys think?


Keep em coming


Once we get to the point where Reaper can counter brigitte, we shall stop

but until then we keep going.


does 50% life steal sound good?


did i ever say stop?


The only nerf she needs right now is reduced movement speed while swinging her mace. Those 2 announced nerfs aren’t needed IMO.


Should have been in the first Brig nerf patch. After all this, she’s probably going to need buffs, but the issue with arguing against all these Brig nerfs is that each of them is justified. Even when she’s underpowered the systematic problems that Perma Rally and armor in general have been causing are undeniable after all these months.

Hopefully now, she can actually get buffs.


May as well just remove her at this point.


Why even make her if she’s going to keep getting nerfed?


They messed up so hard on Brig, that at this point they may as well just rework her to be full heals or off tank. This “hybrid” thing is not working


The fact that Zen loses armor after 30s is such a good nerf by itself. It was way too good on him since it was behind his shield


Poor Briggie, she will be the worst hero in the game now.


Been saying she needs a rework from the start. Her kit is just op and she was a mistake. It’s not possible to balance her kit. She will either be useless or op until a rework.


Same. I agree. Ive been saying this since the start too. I dont know why they cant just admit they messed up.


thats way overkill the armor nerf was enough already


there is no reason to play this hero anymore looool. she was already dead but now maybe she’ll be garbage tier like DF. it was already Zen, Ana, Lucio, but now theres no reason to play brig. oh and Tracer is back now. Nice job blizz, when in doubt make a character useless


Agree the zen, zarya and brig combo is way too strong is half of the reason goats is so good


Seems pretty fair, honestly.


Unlucky dude guess that’s RIP to your free sr


Entirely false. The problem right now is not Brigitte.

It’s the lack of characters countering armor and CC. We literally only have one ability that counters each, and one is an ultimate.