2 doomfist buffs and more bug fixes

That’s fair, unless we are sitting at shield cap which is still the same.

I personally rarely hit max shields unless i used my ult. Team fights are pretty long between. Unless you are landing abilities against multi heros i find my sheilds run out before the next team fight occurs.

I don’t want stun stun stun stun to be buffed anymore

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More like gross.
They made the hero even more annoying to deal with, without fixing the character’s biggest fault: Namely that he is almost unplayable.

Changes to improve survival and fix several glaring bugs are made to improve playability

“They havent fixed how unplayable he is”



And I don’t blame you for that.

Realistically I believed it was best if they waited until he’s bug free before deciding anything.

They didn’t change his awfully clunky abilities.
Like let’s face it. Doomfist should be grossly overpowered, since he has 3 mobility and CC abilities, one of them one shots. But he isn’t, because his abilities are awful.
Doomfist is arguably the worst designed hero in the game.

He is not underpowered. If you are struggling to use him, you need to spend more time on him. He is very powerful.

The problem is noone is willing to learn him. Blizzard will keep tossing in minor buffs along with the bug fixes even though they don’t need to in the slightest, and eventually people will get the idea that he’s actually good, because by that point he will be overtuned.


They’re mostly clunky because of their bugs. Seismic slam and uppercut both pair very nicely with DF’s hand cannon, allowing you to quickly kill targets without relying on his RP. Uppercut itself is insanely oppressive to momentum, cancelling any movement the enemy was engaged in and forcing them to follow your uppercut and be at your mercy until they land.

Even if RP is used as much for mobility as it is for damage his kit works together pretty well for the purpose of chaining combos. You can argue he should’ve been different, but you really can’t claim his current design is bad, especially if you haven’t put any effort into him.


Holy hell, someone values my opinion on a topic I’m passionate about!? T.T I could cry right now!

On the topic at hand, I always contended that these are the last two things he REALLY needs (As…everything else is pretty much fixed.) I’ll go a bit more in depth about this though:

Meteor Strike

Targeting it faster is nice…but it’s still not quite complete. The issue is landing the thing. It’s not fast enough for kills and the damage falloff allows people to escape to an area where you’ll do no damage with it even if they have no mobility tools (Don’t get me STARTED on if they do have those tools.) That’s why it’s currently used as a positioning tool. It sometimes feels like you can’t even land in time for a Graviton Surge properly. This is kinda good as you’ll be able to position it better for farther enemies…but not quite what it needs to be great.

The Best Defense...

MY FAVORITE DOOMFIST TOPIC!? SURE! They played it safe…but that’s fine considering the current Meta and how dangerous Doomfist can be in the right hands. As I keep saying: 50 is as high as they can go but 30 was too low realistically. I still kinda think they played it a bit TOO safe…Specifically because these are still overshields and they will indeed decrease and if he ever hits more than 1 enemy (Which…why would you in most cases? He’s better in a 1v1 duel,) which would give him a greater shield, he has to deal with multiple damage sources and with how large he is and how susceptable he is to CC…he’s taking that damage! But, it’s a start!

I still gotta test them myself. I’m just going off of numbers I run >.> (Like…I never calculate how much shields a Doomfist would have off of using 3 moves on 1 person typically. As…that’s not a likely scenario.) He could still land just a bit too slow, or his shields may not be as grand as everyone’s saying in practice. On paper, current Doomfist is borderline stupid.) I’m just happy they realized that he still INDEED needed some stuff.

One could argue for a slightly larger hitbox for RP, which I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think we need. There’s also the idea that Rising Uppercut should hit through the animation which I also wouldn’t mind (So you get one hit on a person but anything the animation touches would be hit rather than the first couple of frames of the initial uppercut.) Besides that everything’s been touched (HC, A TON of bug fixes excluding the one we need to survive, Seismic Slam in general, etc.)


This would be an AMAZING change. Being able to uppercut someone already a bit in the air would be an incredible implementation and would let him do damage vertically. Which he needs more of.


Slight mistake there, they’ve upped the movement speed in meteor strike to 200% from 150%. It does not land any faster than it currently does on live.


OOPS! My bad. They still gotta fix that then! I’ll edit that right now.


Yea… it’s really hard to get any kills with it if you aren’t hitting a target that has their skill on cooldown.

I don’t believe that meteor strike needs any changes to landing speed or damage. As is, it is very reliable when placed correctly.

Their bugs for once, then the awful control scheme, and most of these abilities are mash ups from HOTS abilities, but that’s a 2D game, and they didn’t translate well. (As expected, considering how clunky Reinhardt is.)

As I said, Doomfist should be massively overpowered. He is already awful to play against, like a mini boss battle every single time, unless you just flashbang him…

And yeah, I don’t like playing clunky heroes.
It really annoying me when my shots have a travel time, while Doomfist’s E basically does whatever it wants.

Eh…I feel like we use it for positioning more often than damage. Only when Greed kicks in do I ever use it for damage (Unless I got a Zarya, or some form of setup.) (Kinda funny how that works. If it doesn’t work properly on Doomfist, use it as a positioning tool XD.) The shield total is great, but it’s hard to pull off anything ESPECIALLY with the Reinhardt/Brigitte/Zarya shields running around. It’s pretty telegraphed so it’s not hard to miss.

It’s not bad…but not good either. (I didn’t mean to make a Doomfist pun, it just kinda happened.) You can make things happen with it! Just not often. I can say the same for High Noon as they’re pretty similar (Except McCree is left vulnerable before the ult ends and Doomfist is left vulnerable after.) We got luckier though.


I was looking for a buff on the down speed and width of Meteor Strike. So yeah, it still needs a buff.

DF can punch or slam out.
Genji can dash out.
McCree’s roll get’s him out of the center, or even further away if you try to place it behind him.
Pharah can boop herself out.
Reaper has shift.
Soldier can sprint out.
Sombra can translocate out
Tracer can blink out.
bastion is dead.
Hanzo has a in air jump out or climb now.
junk can mine jump out.
Mei can ice block.
Torb is dead.
Widow has grapple
D.va can fly out.
Orisa can shift
Rein can shield
Hog can breather
Winston can jump out
Zarya can bubble herself, and a friend
Ana is dead.
Brig can shield it.
Lucio can speed amp out
Mercy can GA out. (Other than that, dead)
Moira has shift.
Sym is dead (Unless she has a shield perfectly placed)EDITED
Zen can ult (or he is dead).

(let’s count GA and Zen’s ult as .5)
So… 5 out of 28 people.


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Symmetra currently has a shield she can use to block the damage…It’s not easy to do as it travels kinda fast but she can do it.

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… you’re right, technically. lol