2 doomfist buffs and more bug fixes

Thank you for more movement speed on Meteor Strike, getting 35 shields from hitting enemies with his abilities, and fixing his bugs. Now I ask the other Doomfist mains, do you think Doomfist doesn’t need anything else or does he need another small buff?


I’m a noob when it comes to tracking overwatch updates, could you perhaps link me to where the patch notes are?

I went to youtube but there wasn’t a link to where all the new stuff could be located

here you go

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Dang beat me to it :sweat_smile:


Either a slight increase to his quick melee.
Increase Meteor Strike radius by 1 meter.
Or have his hand cannon generate shields (very minor though)


The buff to his shielding will be nice.

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Well, shoot. I didn’t think they would do it. It just didn’t make sense to buff his survivability considering how prominent he is with burst damage and one shots.

The movement speed increase for meteor strike is actually something I don’t remember considering for changes… I’m going to have to adjust my timing on placing his ult now.

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Doomfist is going to be great


I dont see how the shield buff will even do anything. That is so minor.


It’s hardly minor. This is a massive increase to his survivability.


It adds up. 60 shields now becomes 70 when you hit 2 abilities. 120 becomes 140 when you hit 2 abilities on 2 targets.

He does need more survivability, but in that same vein his greatest weakness is how easy he is to gun down when exposed. They can’t afford to crank the dial all the way in his favor, incremental buffs with bugfixes are all he needs for now.


Not to mention he gains 35 shield per hit and not just for every ability, uppercut and slam can multihit. Slam or uppercut 3 people at once and you now get 105 health.


Dear god i hope you’re not diving three people at once with slam. That extra 15 shields wont feel like much if you are :stuck_out_tongue:


Realistically this isn’t numerically huge, but giving doomfist an inch means giving him a mile. This change, while small… will likely tip fights out of a winning position for anyone being targeted by doomfist. As an example, that extra health in a forced advantage (seismic slamming your target from a position they cant escape or easily react to you, or rocket punch jump canceling into uppercutting them) from doomfist means that now he can easily survive the flash fan combo from mccree even moreso than before.

Its exceedingly likely that with this change and proper supporting that unless your team is geared on shutting down doomfist, he will be–if he’s experienced with doom–more than free to do what he wants with your team.


Ideally you’re doing it from behind or above and not just walking in front of them. Rocket punch out and use the shields for the next fight. Not that hard if you’re already out of there before they realize what happened.

While possible, it’s a very dangerous play style.

Especially if they have a brig, hog, McCree ect.

I personally think the decay rate should be buffed. As in doom has his shields for longer after being in a brawl.


Well the shield increase alone will keep his shields on him longer before they decay. Shield amount has increased but the decay rate is the same.

They should make it so you can charge his melee punch like rocket punch for more damage!

It’s only as dangerous as going in at the wrong times. If you are not taking proper advantages on their team’s positioning and ability usage, then those are missed opportunities.

However if you cant find any of said opportunities, then yes. You refrain from playing like that and approach them in a reserved fashion, rather punishing them for pushing into your team’s currently controlled part of the map.

Very appropriate they merged the two DPS categories into one because DF is arguably easier to solo with as a Defense hero than Offense. He’s not someone you want to walk into, and if you have to retreat he’s more than capable of chasing you down.

As opposed to burning both your damage and your escapes just to set up a kill offensively.