2-3-2 Comp - Thoughts?

Still food for thought tho of potential roads, even if it’s super unlikely.

None of them good though, protecting another DPS as Tank or healing them as support will be much more stressful than it is now. Only advantage is that unlike most 1-3-2 suggestions it won’t raise DPS queues while trying to drop them.

True, it’s just another person to track. If I’m on a non-mobile healer with long range and the DPS is not with the objective, it’s going to be harder to heal. I guess if the other DPS was a flank and used packs it would lower the stress on tanks and healers but that is assuming the DPS is a flank at all or even a good one that doesn’t die by overextending. Among other possible scenarios.

Funny you mentioned 1-3-2, that was one of the reasons I typed this up. I was worried for the pressure to be on the other tank to stay alive to keep the team up. It sounds stressful to be the only tank with the only peel being DMG to kill the people trying to kill them and your healers but not another tank to cover you in case things turn south.

Jeff said they can’t do that currently.

Soma mentioned it as well. . . but thanks for the heads up regardless.

Soma, keep quiet please.

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Yeah, but that doesn’t mean they won’t, just that it has some technical hurdles.

Most of which was limited by their servers hardware.

And then a few months later Blizzard said that were switching all their servers to be hosted by Google.

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It’s more to do with cost apparently.

Redesigning their server systems would probably include a dev team weeks or months. Tons of debugging and problem solving after. Large amounts of testing both internal and beta.

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Or maybe just

1-1-1 :smiley:

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Thanks for the excerpt. Plus they are working on OW2 as well with a similar if not the same system as well.

But I do recall a weird glitch where someone spawned a lot of bots but not sure what was the drawbacks of doing that. Nor will I try to act like I understand how this all works behind the scenes.


Why dont just make a megathread about the same thing which hundreds have been posting already?

3-2-2 or 1-2-3 will never happen. Why cant you guys just give up with this idea…

They will try the 1-3-2 with the experimental mode, Jeff said that (indirectly) answering to someone who asked about that

It was more of a we’ll let you see it kind of thing.

Sometime late feb right? I guess it’s alot closer now than when it was announced but seems promising, especially if it’s incentives with rewards.

Lol, what is up with people and meaningless incentives?

I’m sad that on the forum we talked too much about the hero pools and too little about the experimental mode. I think they really have the chance to try things they could never try otherwise and solve problems for real with that, i really hope so

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Same, I’ve always wanted PTR to be more for gathering data on what works and what doesn’t from the player base instead of a preview area before the patch rolls out which most times it rolls out as is regardless with only a few parts removed.

The experimental card also let’s the dev team indirectly communicate with the player base to tell them, we are thinking about this. . . what are your thoughts on it. And it feels more connected in a way and less the devs are working in the dark and leaving the playerbase confused on if they are doing anything to fix X problem.

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Make more tanks into DPS like heroes.
That’s the solution

Definitely an original idea. Never been proposed on the forums over and over. Yup very much unique and thoughtful.