2-2-2 lock is a disaster and here's why [UPDATED]

And they got that SR by being a Genji one-trick…

The SR ratings are junk. Nobody actually places very far from their old rating. Regardless of skill.in that role.

How many games do they need to throw before they get their real rank? 50? 100?

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Agree. With role-lock now there’s so many DPS healers and DPS tanks (literally Roadhog one-tricks). Plus matchmaking is just terrible this “BETA” season.

Ask Blizz… but yeah, there will be a period of adjustment.

I’ve been involved with multiple betas in my career. The purpose is to fine tune things, and discover bugs or work flow problems that we just couldn’t account for until the software made contact with the user.

In my time in the software industry, I’ve only seen one feature scrapped during beta. And that was incredibly costly. It is never the intention during beta to be evaluating keeping the feature or not. Something has to go horribly wrong to scrap the idea completely.

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Best thing about it, is that now smurfs get moved to their respective levels 3x slower, since they can smurf on separated roles.

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I know this thread is pretty much dead, but oh gosh, did you see that dev response about whole 2-2-2 lock situation?

This is such a mess. It proves the fact that devs doesn’t understand their game anymore. He thinks that role lock fixed all problems and somehow overpraised it even more.
(ignoring the fact that matchmaking even worse now, toxicity is raising and so on.)
He also told that GM players are the best at any role they play (like GM Mercy is gonna be GM on Widow either). What a joke…

This is just a huge punch in the community’s face. So many players were playing on the assumption that SR gains/loss didn’t matter for BETA season. At the very least Blizzard had to clarify this situation so much earlier. (If you ask about me - I played comp during BETA season just like any other comp season, but I’ve seen so many leavers/throwers during BETA season).

The only thing I can agree with.


LOL This is such a joke now (after Symmetra nerf on PTR).

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Apologies if someone had already brought up, role queue seriously hampers a team’s ability to win a game if one of their mates quit/disconnected.


If 2-2-2 goes live without major changes I might stop playing this game. It’s ridicuous, I’ve never seen such bad game mechanics. You are now completely dependant of your team, you are completely helpless and can’t do anything about people not doing their job in this game.

I’d rather have the problem of having no healers/tanks in certain games than this system.

I can’t believe it.


Okay, here’s my thoughts on it:

In short, this is the single worst change Blizzard have made to the game. No contest. Including 50% Reaping, 300 pulse bomb and second charge concussion mine.

In longer:

The most frustrating thing I’ve been noticing is if the DPS are ineffective, which really is the biggest kill to any team, and they aren’t switching out - maybe there’s an enemy that needs hard countering and they’re just not doing it - then that’s it. Game over, try again tomorrow.

What I’ve further found out is that the role you picked continues to be locked in if someone leaves. If you lost one of your healers and you were the off tank and want to switch out? Too bad mate. DPS gone and you need to make up for it? But you promised you’d be a healer.

Which is inane at best.

What further doesn’t help is the years of buffing up the DPS heroes and nerfing of the others - maybe that’ll fix itself given enough time, but for now it means that as far as competitive goes the supports and tanks basically have to stay out of the line of fire to be useful.

The tanks have to stay away from the fight.

There’s no taking command any more. One change can seriously mess up an enemy build so often, and if you picked a different hero class and the players in the class you need to be in aren’t responsive, there’s nothing you can do even though you know what might help.

There are times where 3-2-1, 3-3-0, or even 4-1-1, will work. And, yeah, I think there should be a mechanic to stop people from trying to find which combination of five DPS will lead to progress, and if that happens to liven up the League too good. But frankly the league can go screw itself, I give more of a damn about the fifteen million other players’ experience.

This is broken. It’s hideous. They’ve made some really weird changes in the past but this one affects the way competitive even works.

I’ll still be playing QP and arcade for sure, but if this goes live as is I’m gonna just decide to be through with competitive. I’ll do my placements for the icons and sprays I’ll never use and then just be fine not playing it. I actually preferred getting stuck in a six stack of DPS over this.

Because at least I could bloody do something about it.


Well here’s to hoping. May it crash and burn when it hits QP, and my it take the careers of those in charge that signed off on it with them.


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I was also a flex player, but it was mostly because people didn’t care about playing as a team and they played whatever hero they felt like playing. Role queue is the best thing that has happened to overwatch since launch.

Imo, this change is the very worst one ever made to this game, with no close second


since OP mentioned OWL…if anyone has been following, it had zero to no effect on viewership…the whole goats thing is a scapegoat…the comp they play is only 1 of probably several reasons why people watch…and as i pointed out before…putting in a role queue in game for OWL to stop playing goats was unnecessary…they couldve done that without a queue


True, no changes had to be made to the game software itself for OWL to implement Forced 222

There isn’t even a spike in viewership for the play offs so you have to really wonder what the ratio to people who actively watch the game and just AFK farming tokens really is. I’m not aware of any other sport that doesn’t see a big spike in viewership once it gets to play offs.

Video games are not a sport. I certainly won’t accept them on the same level as other pro sports until one of their players commits a seriously heinous crime and walks because he plays for a top level team.

Game play feels boring and stale, the points OP brought up are correct, if you have a bad tank, dps or healer, you can’t change anything about it, the uniqueness of flex play that existed is gone. This feels just like matchmaking in WOW, and see how that turned out.

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Flex player, high plat here. As a tank, I should never have gold damage. Too many times have I chosen Reinhardt, and kept gold damage through out the game. I would have normally switched over to a dps, and depending on the map and enemy team comp, pick between soldier, tracer, pharah, junkrat, or just about any dps. If, as a tank, I was dying too quickly, I would simply move to a healer. Nope. No longer. I’m forced to lose while players who think they’re good at their particular role do nothing for the team. Congrats blizzard. You lost another player to give everyone a participation trophy.


as a guy who was sitting at bronze(1050) 6 months ago and finished 2300 S17 i can say that RoleQ is a big bummer for me and my brother , actually it sucks so much that my brother wont even Q with me anymore , RIP to all my fellow flex players it was a great year i already unistalled once and i think i will do it for good when my exams are over and i can focus to learn another game that is not actually a s***show

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I hope it’s joke. People play in QP for relax and practice new tactics. 4. 5. 6 dps. 4 tanks, healers attack. Forced 2-2-2 leave us only with Arcade and custom games - game modes with mutators, not a vanil game.