1v4v1 instead of 2v2v2

honestly, they didnt. not even sym has gotten a proper one.

so basicly it will be 2-3 years of totally unbalanced 1-4-1 if its anything like the balancing from the last few years. no thanks

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1v4v1 is unfair for those 2 solo players


if they basically stay how they are, yes i agree.

Thats why you change them accordingly.

in this meta we have a soldier playing as a support

On top of having to rebalance everything, I’d be concerned about tanks and supports being stuck playing the SAME hero all the time. Even if everything got rebalanced to work in a 1-4-1 composition, there will still always be a “meta” and one or two heroes/compositions that simply work best. DPS already have a larger hero pool, with more viable choices to pick from…If there is just one tank and one support in every team, then most likely those players will be pressured into playing the same meta character for every game. And that won’t feel very fun for tank/support players who maybe don’t want to play the exact same hero all the time.

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Sombra, Tracer, Mei/Reaper, Pharah

Every tank main: :eye: :lips: :eye:

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TBH, it feels like that already with the current meta we have. Most tanks and supports feel useless/ not worth picking. Which is even worse since we have the smallest hero pool.

The idea behind this is to power them up and make them feel much more capable / stronger while improving the overall gameplay experience.
a support is also not just a heal bot. This is just current OW thinking.

One Healer is too much stress for that role.
Any Healer would be torn between cries for heals.

It would be too much! :grimacing:

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this , reposting - 20 chars

I know it’s already an issue, but limiting games to one tank and one support (even if you buff them all) will just make it worse. There is no such thing as perfect balance in a game like this…Even if we hit a point of “very balanced game”, people will always find the path of least resistance- aka a new meta. It’s like when double shield was a huge thing, and everyone demanded shield tanks. Even in low ranks, people still beg for a Rein. But with only one tank/support? You don’t get the versatility of “maybe my teammate will play rein this time”. It’s on you, every single match.

And it’s not just about one hero being better than all of the other ones, but if there’s a certain meta of DPS heroes, then maybe one tank or support just synergizes with those heroes slightly better. For instance, if you have 4 flanky DPS, you’ll never accomplish anything on Moira or Lucio.

And if you want to only have ONE support in every game, then Supports are either going to all become healbots OR the devs will have to introduce some other way for people to stay alive in this game. Make everyone tankier, have more self-healing, increase health packs, etc. It’s a lot of work for one Support to keep 5 people alive, ESPECIALLY if the enemy team has 4 DPS dishing out damage. That’s double the DPS we have right now. So either Supports become big healbots to counter all that damage, or Supports are all entirely reworked into strong utility heroes and all roles are given better survivability. It would just be HUGE changes to a game that’s already 5 years old.

thats waht reworks are though.

HUGE changes.

Not the last second changes given to sym that have put her into that state.

When you look at reworks, you look at Riot’s reworks for char designing.
they are huge.

and that is why you also have a proper team size for your games.

Ah yes lets make most of the tank players and support players move to DPS, do people want to make the que times the same length or longer really i am curious

i mean you are already doing that with the nerfs.

At least i am giving a solution. whether you want to try it or not is on yah. At this rate we are going, this is already happening and will get worse.

Solo tanking and/or solo support is no fun at all for those roles, all the frustration is aimed at you from the team and it turns the role into a complete chore

This would require half the supports to get MASSIVE buffs or reworks. I know he’s good now with Discord, but if Zen was the only healer and only had one tank to protect him he’d never be played

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Imagine only having one support and they pick Zen. :laughing:

As a support main, one support limit would make me quit. As a tank a one support limit would make me quit.

quitting before seeing actual reworks take place? OK thats fine. Everyone quitting anyways regardless lol.

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Inam a tank/support main and i would ne doing the same and many of my overwatch friends would follow as well