1GB PTR update?

Anyone has the patchnotes?

And so this is how Brigette dies.
Not with a quiet whimper, but a 1GB patch.


Incoming PTR Changes


so, a patch as large as her presence on the field

seems about right.

R.I.P bout time it happened

Blizzard posted the patch notes on the launcher, it’s the Brig rebalance, nerfing her shield damage, but buffing her overall healing and duration for her passive. Doomfist’s ult has a large middle ring by .5m but now deals much less damage outside the middle ring

Nice, they released that much quicker than I expected

I personally welcome the change, I love brig as a character, I do feel like she’s a bit much, I worry they’re going to nerf her to be worthless, and I don’t want that to happen. She’s definitely healthy for the game, but she doesn’t need to be OP like she is, so i understand.


  • Whip Shot
    • Damage reduced from 70 to 7

Dev Notes: Reducing Whip Shot’s damage reduces her total stun combo damage potential while still allowing her to be a troll pick. Brigitte is a hybrid tank/healer, and lately we’ve been reducing her effectiveness by reducing the power of her non-healing functionality, so lol.


She’s nowhere near dead. She may have lost a little bit of dueling/offensive power, but she’s going to make GOATS even stronger. She still has her utility and the increased healing is going to make taking down group-up deathballs around Brigitte even harder.

It’s a take on a star wars meme.

RIP bully Brigitte.

You won’t be missed.

Apparently the McCree and Bastion changes are included too

Those were there before. This is a 2nd set of changes announced last week.

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Really? No idea how I messed them then

It’s easy enough to do. There wasn’t any sort of fanfare behind the 1st set of changes, they just appeared a couple days after being spoken about.

I guess it takes a lot of space to ruin a hero

i wouldn’t say brigittes dead, but she definitly feels more like a support now.
she kind of have to stay next to someone now to get value out of her.