$19 for OLD event skins

Whoever came up with this pricing at blizzard should seriously go to the doctor and check their brain for major damage.


$40 for Overwatch 1 in 2016.

$40 for 2 Overwatch 1 skins in 2022.

Please defend this shills.


You don’t have to pay anything!
We, the fanboys, will offset all the freeloaders.
We pay, you play. Thank us later!

I nailed it?


But, the skins come with a bundle! Checkmate :chess_pawn:


They did the math and are betting on this F2P model. Vote with your time and don’t play.


One of them is a required payment

the other isnt


the shills deserve this.


sarcasm aside, i’d probably get plenty more sprays, voicelines and skins for that same price in paid lootboxes… jesus that’s sad.


A certain P person is quiet today


Um… it’s the inflation?


Thanks, Obama.

something 20 chars


“You dont have to pay for it so its perfeclty fine for me to defend this awful system”


You still have time to get them in OW1. I personally will not buy any of the old skins with money but some people will do it if they never had the chance to play OW1.

We are mostly unaffected by this because we have some nice skins for every current hero and most of us more credits to get the “base items” for the new heroes also. But for new players it can be pretty expensive.

The bundels they put out that include some skin and other stuff for 20 bucks are higher than I thought. This mostly means for me that I dont buy anything from the shop that is not really something crazy that I really need to have. Everything they showed was just meh and not worth any money. I get the Kirkiko casual legendary + some other stuff with my OW1 credits and be done with it.

They can try again in the next even/season.

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This was me yesterday, but after seeing today’s monetization reveal I hope OW2 dies. Bury it already. Only legacy players cared about this game, new players will not play 50+ quickplay games to join ranked. They get bored and go back to Valorant/Warzone/Apex/Fortnite.


Its amazing if you ask me, people completely gloss over the issue because they can “ignore” it without thinking about its repercussions. Its even worse with stuff like the phone verification, people that have played since the beta wont be able to log in and you have some completely dismising this as an issue because they can play.

Well, if you feel the price is too high, don’t buy them. I won’t be. If sales aren’t high enough, prices may come down to something more reasonable.

If they don’t come down, that probably means there’s enough whales out their to support the system. In which case, many of us will never get the pricey stuff. It’s fine. Enjoy what you have.


There is literally no point in Whaling in OW. Legacy players at this moment could have thousands of dollars of the best skins rn. Also, the Mythic skin is included in the BP. Who in their right mind is gonna whale Epic looking skins to show off, when legacy players already have the best skins ever designed??


I just imagine that new gamers will only be incentivized to have extremely poorly customized heroes. Without a random drop, minor contents such as voicelines, icons and sprays will always be useless purchases, a waste of coins needed to buy really interesting skins. or at least a lot of people who will play with only the rewards of the BP, but definitely never with much of the content in OW1 and its fantastic variations.


Tbh, most people that support the F2P model (as you call them “fanboys”) will not spend a cent either judging by some of the threads and posts I’ve been seeing :p…

I don’t know who will actually compensate for the freeloaders… Whales maybe ? Who are they ? I haven’t seen any on these forums.

Apparently whales represent 10% of the playerbase according to some posters.

I wonder how much profit Blizzard is expecting to get with F2P Overwatch to consider F2P OW a success.

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Do you think this is a challenge? You’re literally making up BS numbers based on information you misconstrued.

I blame confirmation bias.