18 March Developer Livestream forum Chatroom

Thanks for posting this Andy! I wish the team good luck for the big stream today and can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us! :heart:

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in one hour and nine minutes from this post.


Alright cool thank you :slight_smile:

In one hour and eight minutes from this post.

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Can we please get some information about tank Mei as her kit feels more suited for that role in a 5v5 environment and tanks need more variety? You guys said in previous AMAs you were going to experiment with it.

Ironically I remember BST is still in effect, but still wrote GMT. Don’t mind me.


Well hopefully yall give us something to talk about.

Well, hopefully there will be plenty of show and not just tell. We’re kind of past just hearing about what’s coming. We need to start seeing something.

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What is going to be in the live stream?

I’ve never watched an official Overwatch one before, is it worth doing?

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Thank you for this, one of my biggest complaints with keeping up with OW news is that its literally impossible because its spread thin all over the place, the reason I use the forums is because the populace here will report on things and its about the only way to know about these things. Posting official content announcements here helps a ton.


Please show some amazing tanks and supports.


Will OWL skins get redesigned with the new default skins? What will happen with the game currencies including loot boxes, OWL tokens, credits, and competitive points (gold weapon points)?

Are we getting a cat boy hero reveal


They’re not brave enough for that

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Color me intrigued. Let’s see what we got here

My body is ready Blizzard

I have to imagine they would not be showing us anything that is not on the alpha right now which basically serves to make sure there is nothing big to leak for those under NDA and all of it would still be new information for us.

Will it be recorded and put pn the youtube channel ?
Won’t be able to watch it live.

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Twitch has VoDs so even if you cannot watch it live it should be there.

I would also expect it to be on their youtube channel but if it is not you can just check Twitch VoDs and watch it there.

Oh well that just dampened my enthusiasm.