13 nerfs aint "in a good spot"

Probably has a lot to do with how they changed momentum in the game. For a good while everything felt kind of wonky. I still catch myself feeling weird about jumping.

At least they’re consistent when they break stuff :disappointed:
I mean, both Reinhardt and Brigitte suffer from the same shield-related issues, atm.

Lol i shouldn’t have laughed at this as much as I did. It kind of made me sad. They really do have a knack for it.

And in none of those have I said:

All of them point you to this assertion:

My apologies. I did not see you say that you agreed with the rework proposal. I saw you say “we agree”, but that’s a pretty general statement that was used in a different context.


I honestly wish they would address something. Like Titanium’s post that’s been floating around I think is a well organized list of why Mercy players are frustrated and explains what we see as a Mercy player. It would, in my opinion, be easy for the Devs to go through it, and pick it apart and explain themselves and their balancing decisions.

Because right now, their decisions for why Mercy was changed can easily be flipped around to DPS players that are “fine”

  • Rez promotes hide and Q
    Funny, so does High Noon, Death Blossom, and Dragonstrike. How is it they are okay to hide behind a wall and wait for that perfect opportunity, not doing their jobs as DPS and dealing damage, but Mercy decided to break her beam for a second so she doesn’t die and then ults because people suddenly lost their Object Permanence and forgot she even existed and used multiple of their ults and abilities to kill multiple people. This is also not even considering the more commonly used Tempo rez’s.
    If it was her invulnerability that was the issue, great that’s an easy fix. Take it away, or give her a damage reduction. Problem solved!

  • It was un-fun/Frustrating to play against
    Again, Noon and Deathblossom fall into this category. There is little time to react when you hear the ult call before you’re dead. You just have to hide and hope you did it correctly.
    If this is because of the “lack of counterplay” like using a shield, sleepdart (or other CC), or transcendence (though that doesn’t work with noon) then allow me to tell you there was counterplay to it, not only that there is no more counterplay to it. D.va bomb if timed right can explode just as the invulnerability wears off, Deathblossom can also be timed to take care of newly rez’ed people as well. Hammond is also a great mass-rez counter too, just place a minefield in the area Mercy just rez’ed and they’ll just die again.

Personally I want Blizz to respond to these reasoning paradoxes and explain themselves why it’s okay for McCree, and Reaper to have similar mechanics, but because it’s Mercy and helping her team it’s not.

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You are actually complaining that Mercy, who does everything better than every other healer, doesn’t also have an ultimate that makes her better than both/either Zen or Orisa’s.

Dude. Come on. Mercy’s ult falls directly in line with Nano boost and coalescence. Offensive ult with defensive capabilities. It’s not supposed to outclass another off healer. She already does(did?) that to Lucio. And certainly isn’t supposed to outclass a main tanks ult.

Not being an ultimate =/= useless.

Does everything better? No.

Is objectively better overall? Yes.

I can complain that her ultimate is crap and her E is blatantly overpowered, can I not?

I find it funny how you were earlier accusing me of disagreeing with everything you said, when here you are doing exactly that.

Nano turns a single target into an absolute monster for 8 seconds. Ana can do whatever else her kit allows her to for those 8 seconds thanks to fire-and-forget mechanics. Heal her tanks from half to full in a few seconds? Yep. Bio-nade the enemy team? Yep. Fully disable an enemy? Yep.

Coalescence heals at nearly 3x the rate of Valkyrie right now allowing it to mitigate focus fire, and it can damage enemies at the same time whilst ignoring barriers.

I’d take Nano-Boost or Coalescence over Valkyrie any day. Not only are they more useful, but they also don’t turn the player into a spectator.

It’s an ultimate. Ultimates are supposed to be tide-changing. I don’t care if it’s more powerful than Supercharger or Transcendence. I care about whether or not it is worthy of being an ultimate.

Why not?

Where are you getting these rules of “whose ultimate is supposed to outclass whose ultimate”?


I wouldn’t say she’s unviable, because she still has the most consistent healing in the game, and a valuable resurrect that is balanced. But since Ana is so powerful at the moment with a high set of utility and the ability to deny healing as well as increase the amount of healing to her own team, then it’s probably better to sort Mercy into the secondary healer slot due to:

  • Nerfed Healing output that doesn’t increase during Valkyrie
  • The current amount of stun-burst characters in game such as Brig, and McCree
  • Mercy pairs better with damage boosting DPS to increase their burst or consistent damage, and tanks that aren’t very easy to damage. Orisa’s Fortify, Roadhog’s Take a Breather, and Reinhardt’s Shield have prolonged protective/damage reducing capabilities that can help Mercy heal them if low on health.
  • She can help with and against the dive because of Guardian Angel with a still relatively high healing per second beam (Strong Solo-target healing)

Anymore, the Support meta has mainly switched to either Ana-Zen, Ana-Brig, or Lucio-Moira. Sadly. :frowning:

Yet you straight up call it garbage, like in exact words. Why are you even trying to deflect right now.

You’re highly biased as proven many times before.

You actually came at me again trying to act all high and mighty the very next day trying to get in the last word, and what you came at me with was something I agreed with you on. You are the perfect example of why Mercy Mains are a meme.

More obviously deflecting here. “other healers have things better than mercy’s ult so mercys ult is garbage” No That’s not the case, and it never will be no matter how many times you cry about it. Her ultimate isn’t a team saving defensive ult. Use it for an offensive push and watch how quickly 30% damage to everyone in your team rolls the enemy team.

We’ve established this, because you’re biased as ever and think it’s bad because it’s not better than everything else you like to compare it too. This is why you call it trash.

No they’re not. Ultimates are supposed to be ultimates. You can completely mess up any ultimate if you use it wrong. Considering you still think Valk should heal the equivalent of Zen’s ult and Damage boost the equivalent of Orisa’s Ult And do these two things at the exact same time like Moira’s ult, I am actually glad blizzard doesn’t pay attention to your suggestions.

You absolutely have no idea how balance works.

Let’s just make every hero in the game Mercy to appease you because you either want her reverted with tweaks or you want her to do everything and anything because now her playstyle is actually engaging to some people, when your personal opinion finds it boring.

Like yeah I’m pretty sure her pickrate is slowly going to go back up and we’ll be here for her next nerf.

So did that actually win players the game? Cause from experience not really, I have a few times where a mercy back backed off from an ulti to rez that saved the game but not a lot.

And i wasn’t not a big stream watcher then, or now really, how did those rezzes pan out afterwards?

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Who is that? (4 characters)

I agree. Lock rez into ult during valk, and have a “double heals for 2-3 seconds” on a 10-12 second cooldown

tempo rezzes were almost always the better option. they worked out more in team fights. if mercy hid and then did the huge rez, she got praised by her time but it usually would lead off to the team dying again because if the enemy team was smart they held onto some ults to counter potential huge rez.

only map that huge rez was always better on was temple of anubis because you could literally rez the second your character landed back in spawn.

Nano boost and Coalescence is better than Vakyrie though…

I also think a team rez was more fun and requires a lot of skill, pressure on the Mercy and strategy. I think that’s why there were too many points awarded for rez. We need to address the problems around the team rez to bring it back. I like playing Mercy sometimes but I don’t play competitively. What were the problems again?

Alternatively players can suggest changes/state the problems (with a little bit of detail and why) to maybe guide devs. Because you are the ones playing Mercy right? It’s like a beta.

What does this have to do with anything? The point was the strat encouraged your team to go into a team fight without their main healer and die. It was also exploitable by the SR system giving mercy mains who were negative winrate big amounts of sr for winning and losing small amounts of SR for a loss.

This lead to an influx of master+ mercy main’s who are the definition of bad in these elo’s.

First off, they fix that sr exploit bug a month before the actual rework.

Second, if a strategy that didn’t normally work, but was ‘frustrating’ to play against for the enemy, what grounds is that for a nerf? Now I can see it was a burden on teammates for that reason alone but during that explotation period where it was fix, that encouraged those not to hide much or even at all since the SR boost was gone and tempo rezzing was the way to go.

You do realize they also buffed it so she’s invincible while she does it right? Like, that was a thing that happened. There was absolutely no counter play to it.

Use an ultimate to counter a Resurrect executed by the means of hiding and letting their team die. That would easily negate the impact of Mercy’s ultimate.