12 Seasons of toxicity and no sign of slowing down. An Overwatch legacy!


Overwatch has a reputation for being one of the most toxic games around. Like a lot of titles in its slot, it’s got some tough competition, however one thing you can always rely on with Overwatch is that one in three games will have some kind of toxicity involved in it, whether a thrower, smurf, leaver, or just plain nasty person, you can expect something to keep you on your toes and make climbing the ranks a challenge. So here’s to you Overwatch for creating the perfect storm environment where we can always expect someone to totally destroy one in three matches.


Because it’s overexaggerated. It’s no different from any other game.


Not only is it exaggerated like Hanqz said, but its also received so much help since season 9.

Avoid as teammate/Stronger report system/Endorsements/LFG

Overwatch has been pretty darn good at combatting toxicity


In the last five games… two had admitted and verifiable derankers… nothing going to be done to them… one person left… and one was screaming so loud into my headset I had to mute them. So much better. And ask what fps shooter is the most toxic and Overwatch ALWAYS enters the conversation. This isn’t over exaggeration.


but it’s not an fps, it’s a moba played in fps setting

and yeah for all the problems

sorry this is nothing on Modern Warfare 2 when it was released literally the most toxic wasteland of an fps


I will say the lower you go, the worse it gets. But it’s most definitely exaggerated. This game is nothing compared to other games I’ve been in.


The OP is probably right.

Since Bliz won’t even show you your SR if you drop below 500 SR.
I can believe that almost everyone < 600 SR is a deranker.

I don’t even know how one could get that low without throwing every game, I mean if you get a single kill its probably going to win the game for you at that rank.


It is actually different in other games.

In other games the amount you have to rely on your teammates is not as high. One person really can make the difference. You can’t carry in this game. In other games you can. In other Mobas if you do well, you win. In this game, you do well, you’re at the mercy of your other teammates who may or may not be having a terrible series of games that day.


Last three games… two people were responsible over and over for wiping our team. Couldn’t get out of the spawn point. No toxicity in this game. No smurfs, and certainly didn’t buy a new account to do it at level 30ish.


Zenren deranker/thrower confirmed. Finally. Check profile.


“No sign of slowing down”


Who provided these statistics? Where are you getting this from? And I played Modern Warfare 2 and there weren’t throwers or toxic people like in this game. The worst you’d get is a kid occasionally being annoying.


that’s because the developers of this game enable players to be toxic and throwers

cause they hid what there doing from the rest of us with a scoreboard.

shiny medals for all
then u argue over who has what medals


My boy Jeff Kaplan himself.

That’s likely because in this game, people actually have a reason to be jerks.

I played CS:GO a lot, and I agree, this game is worse. But that’s because if someone was playing poorly in that game, it’s no skin off my nose. I could still play just as well, and the most a feeding teammate meant is screwed up economy.

But in Overwatch, bad teammates actually help the enemy team, be it by outright feeding or refusing to counterpick. Much more comparable to feeding in League and the frustration that causes than just CSGO or MW2.


Well they have no reason to doctor those stats. I always consider the company who is being criticized about the issue, to be the most reliable when it comes to reporting the issue is resolved. To this day I know the residents of Valdez are just exaggerating about the state of their shoreline. Exxon assured us that their oil clean up was successful and they have no reason not to.


What metric? Toxicity isn’t in units. Reports down? Bans down? Fora post down? Etc? We dunno.

Who compiled this data? What method? What dates was it compiled on and what time boundaries were set for each sample (pre addition and post addition)? Etc.

That isn’t a statistic anymore truthful than mine that toxicity changed 0%. Without this context yo a statistic it is meaningless.


Thats the work of the SJW’s and creating safe spaces for easily triggered ppl. Whats the point of a profile if only you can see it. random useless numbers and stat’s.

But now you can fake all your stats and headshots all you like! And dont forget about those tasty Endorsements! with a system this wack your rank will go up up up!