12 hours of contenders watched and no Symmetra skin

I think the site has to be in focus too I’ve heard.

It’s like Jeff heard my calls and gave me the Symmetra skin not even 5 minutes after I made this post… what the hell

same here. I followed exactly what required on Grand Final and till now still no OWL gray tracer skins and spray. And yes, still no sym skin either after being watching at least 10 hours just from last 2 days.

The website was down for some time so most people had to watch the finals on YouTube (with no rewards), and when the site was back up the finals didn’t last long enough so a lot of people didn’t have the required amount of hours for the Tracer skins (Luckily I had already logged in the night before ready for the finals, since a lot of people couldn’t log in). Blizzard recognized this and had a rerun of the grand finals shortly after with the Tracer rewards and sprays for the finals. A lot of people didn’t know it was happening so pretty much every one missed out on the skins. I’m lucky I got the skins and the spray. All you can do is wait and see if you get the skins. Right after making this post (literally like 5 minutes later) I got the Symmetra skin so I wonder if it had to do with the fact I wasn’t logged into my Blizzard account on the actual blizzard site since I was logged in on the OWL site, but not here. I really don’t know but I hope you get the skins!

well heck then that’s a lot of time

Please remember to check for the green light next to the signin prompt below the video player. If it is red, you are not earning rewards.

Also double check all of my troubleshooting steps here:

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I haven’t got it either.

I have it running on separate PC

Wait so am I allowed to open it up on my second monitor and work on stuff on my main monitor? Or does it need to be in focus in order for it to see that I can receive rewards?

You should be able to keep things working on a second monitor (I did when I earned my skins), but if you are having problems just stay focused on the stream.

Okay thank you for the quick response. Glad to see the OWL finally showing some support for the Contenders league. (Also I do see the green light on the rewards so I hope that means I’m good to go)

I have been in and out of the website today, but I could see the green dot, and it seemed to be fine. I should have enough hours now to have gotten both skins, will see soon enough I guess.

Good luck.

40 minutes till the next event!

I remember (well this is when OW was with Twitch) it took about a week for my rewards for watching the 2019 Grand Finals, so I guess patience is key here. Atleast all of us got that Genji skin for free, though!

There was a completely off-ball issue and they had to take time to manually issue the rewards to everyone.

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Ah, well I guess we can hope that our skins will come in eventually

With time running out, make sure to go through the steps in my troubleshooting guide. The most common issue is quickly resetting the web cookies. The second most common is quickly revoking and resetting your Overwatch League page permissions on account.blizzard.com/connections.

The light has been green since the beginning. I’ve watched for 6 hours today (7 in an hour when the stream ends), and should be nearing 18+ hours. I watched about 7 hours the 28th, 5 hours on the 29th and 6 today meaning I have a total of 18 hours. I do have the Symmetra skin but not the Mercy skin. I trust Blizzard will give me my skin and it’s just delayed a little bit since sometimes that happens, but I only got my Symmetra skin today after watching for 40 minutes, so I’m not sure if I’m at 13 almost 14 hours right now or 18. Either way, I will make sure I follow all those steps properly for tomorrow so I can watch the rest of the hours I need since it’s only 2-3 hours if I don’t get the skin today. Thank you for replying, I appreciate your concern and assistance.

PS I wrote this response yesterday on the 30th.

Well, after watching the Europe games today, the Mercy skin was unlocked finally. I spent 4 days watching the Contender games. I got the Sym skin halfway through day two, and now the Mercy skin halfway through day 4. And I had watched ALL the matches, was logged in, etc. I would suspect that today/s matches were above and beyond the requirements, and it was probably due to a delay in getting the rewards assigned.

Just a quick tip. If the light is green, that’s good. But if you are watching full screen, after each map round, pop out of full screen and make sure its still green. There were a couple of times that I caught it not even there and had to refresh the page.

Not only that, if you are watching it normal (not full screen) and your monitor is set to time out, or turn off, etc, that will also interfere with it. Focus seems to matter, but only if you stay off the page for too long…

Yep I am watching the light is green everything is in focus and my screen doesn’t shut off. I’m a little nervous that I won’t get the skin but I still have 5 hours to watch today just in case I don’t have as many hours as I thought. If I don’t get the Mercy skin I’m going to be very upset with Blizzard…

Well, you probably are good. I would suspect that there is a delay when they are awarded. I should have had enough by the end of yesterday to have unlocked it, but who knows. As I said, they were very vague on the specifics etc.

I’m not sure but do we still earn the rewards during the intermission? It says that the NA contenders start in an hour, but the light is still green and stuff. I really hope it still counts, if it doesn’t that’s probably why I don’t have the skins.