12-20 frames when playing

I recently tried playing overwatch again after only being off my PC for a couple days. I started up the application and the standard “connecting to server” messages would come up. But the “entering game” would stay there for what felt like 10 minutes. Once the main menu finally came up, no background would load (at the point of writing this it should show Mercy and Lucio) after what felt like another 10 minutes. When getting into a game I would connect just fine but player models wouldn’t load after a while and gameplay would be at round about 12-20 frames, as opposed to my 60-70 average on this PC. However, when I would get eliminated, the frames pop back up to 60-70 as soon as i’m not in control.
I don’t have a bad PC at all. 8gb RAM and NVIDIA GTX 1050
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling in multiple ways
I’ve tried scan and repair
I’ve even tried playing from a different windows user
My drivers are up to date also

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Also, if you’re using Razer Synapse devices, read this: Known Technical Support Issues