1150+ Likes: Mexican Lucio Gun 🙂

yes. just, yes. This is what we need. Please Blizzard.

So close to 1200 lol

Did you hit max likes?

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As Lucio main, i approve this idea.


omg this is such an amazing idea

Wouldnt make sense now, he plays no music when hacked, poor frog.

Don’t his skins change color depending on if he’s healing or speed boosting? Maybe a hack can turn his highlights purple in addition to the OP’s idea

Could have sworn I already :blue_heart:'d this topic but whatever, I’m down with the necro.

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It wont let me update the thread title anymore :neutral_face:

Surprised this hasn’t happened yet.

Make it play La Cucaracha

This is better.

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Lmao yes please that would make my year

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only one one word, yes.

lucio is supposed to HIDE from EMP when he has beat, not actively look for it


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Damn we at 1250 now.

Thank you to those who help keep this dream alive. Maybe some day Blizzard will return to the forums so they can see this.


Dormammu i’ve come to bargain.

If you can’t necro threads without a reason, what is a good reason ?
I just wanted to respond to some threads that are more relevant to me, but you ban me and remove all my posts without a reason.
You just slap a child who can’t even speak and expect them to understand your telepathy.
You have lost your mind Dormammu, your way, and your people Dormammu.

p.s. if you dont want necro, just prevent responding to aged posts or give me a valid reason of why my reason isnt a reason and what the secret reason is to be able to reply to an older post, that i can clearly reply to but apparently if it upsets a soft shelled candy fish it is enough for ghosting me from the forums with no reason.

btw this is a racist post…

is hispanic

Oh no. He’s back.

This is a compelling question.

Also, Healing boost should play Bossa Nova and speed boost should play Brazillian Funk.