~100ms ping kicks me out of games

Apologies if this post is missing any information, this is my first time posting here.

I’ve previously never had problems with my ping. My Internet connection works fine and quickly on everything but Overwatch.

When I am mid-game, every player stops, I can’t shoot, etc. and I end up getting kicked out of the game - the screen goes black, and I end up rejoining the game automatically a second later. This happens every couple of minutes or so, and it only lasts long enough for me to get killed.

My connection is fine outside of Overwatch. Is there any way to improve ping in-game?

Every service you connect to uses different routes, so this is not a good way to check whether there are any issues happening. Instead you could use the WinMTR mentioned at the top of the forum and someone may be able to look it over for you.