100MS IND spikes

My IND suddenly started to spike past this update. I’ve updated my drivers, and I don’t have an Ethernet cable. I have a WiFi dongle… Help? I’m unsure how to make it back to it’s consistent 20ms.

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Which connection troubleshooting steps have you tried?

70ms latency increase on my end too. Something has changed server side/game side. Nothing changed from my side. Tried all the normal stuff of rebooting router, comp, etc. Nothing. Speedtest dot net shows 2ms ping and 550 down 550 up. My connection is fine. This started happening today.

I see others with similar issues now too. I’ve asked my friends in my city and they have the same problem on Overwatch now (all PC players). Our latency used to be around 50-70, now it’s 130ms+.

Located in Halifax, NS, Canada, ISP is Bell Aliant Fiber.

Is anyone looking into this?

Speedtests are not an accurate way of investigating a connection issue. Please provide WinMTR results for the server you’re connecting to Overwatch on.

I have the exact same problem.

I also live in hfx, and have the same internet as you.

I sit about 50-55ms, but have been getting 100+ for the past few days. I did a WinMTR and it looks like there’s a large bump in an NB server. Brings me from 50 right up to 70+ before everything else has a slow increase.

I had this problem for around 2 weeks? i couldnt play OW with IND spikes going upto 130… i tried every problem online. this may sound so basic… and stupid? but i tried the last thing and plugged in a Ethernet cable and it worked… after all this time, not being able to play and rage quitting (i got banned from comp) it got fixed by connecting and using Ethernet cable… (ive been playing with WIFI for over a year and had no IND spikes or problems)

Then your or someone’s other device like smartphone may interfere the wi-fi connection to your router.

I’m glad you found a solution, but please take notice of the thread’s date before you respond. This one is from 11 months ago and the OP has likely solved their issue or moved on.