100 Elims isn’t enough to carry?

A little bit of an ego VOD from me, but I’m genuinely interested in why I lost this game. I ran DPS this game with my duos partner hoping to break my losing streak, and we both combined for over 100 kills this game (I had around 43 and my partner had over 50). I understand that Overwatch is a team game, and that I am not the best player after only picking up the game around a month ago. However, I’m still unsure of what major errors I made that contributed to my losing streak and are holding me back from climbing. Any tips are appreciated.

Replay Link: 51DDWQ

I’m not a pro but I want to watch. What’s your two dps picks.

Edit: oh it’s your name duh. Your duos partner is also dps though?


Elims does not equal to final blows. Elims do not matter, especially if it was a 20 minute+ game that elim count is normal… Elims are NOT kills. I guarantee you guys shared 40 of those elims.


For competitive I normally queue up with Reaper since I feel like he’s easy to get value with. This game I believe I swapped to Mei to stall on cart.

My duos partner is Gold Tank, Silver DPS, and Gold support btw. He mainly played Soldier this game.

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Yeah but I meant what is he in this replay. So I can look at both of you. I don’t know if there’s a way to tell from the replay

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I’m sorry I didn’t understand the question. I played Reaper and Mei this game, and my partner played Soldier.

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Okay that’s what I was asking. Watching it now


I looked at the first few minutes and already have a lot of things to say.

You sort of walk around with no purpose, you don’t seem to know what targets to go for, your mechanics are very poor, you don’t take any flanks or pressure at all, and you don’t regard enemy cooldowns to any extent. I’ve watched you get stunned 10 different times nearly in the first few minutes, but you just seem to stand near or behind your rein, walk in a straight path, and make yourself constantly vulnerable. No dodging, no real target priority, wasteful cooldown usage… etc. i can watch more. You also lost your team the entire team fight on second point by failing to kill that lucio that you got to one. He then beated and rolled your team. Just one example there of your direct influence losing your team a fight, I’ll watch more though. If you choose to understand your mistakes and don’t consider yourself a ‘carry’ because here you are certainly doing none of that.


Okay I watched about 15 minutes so far. Again im no pro and I’m not a dps main. I think you spent a lot of time on the front lines just blasting at nothing, not securing kills. I think you should make your focus on always flanking and securing backline kills. Like second round, when you flanked that widow, that to me is why you play reaper and I thought it was great.

Although reaper can kill tanks fast, I noticed that many times you engaged them, you’d get yourself killed. I would say either go for the backline or if you do go for tanks, try to get them from behind instead of walking right up to them.

I also noticed you got a couple good ults but you also wasted a lot. Again that comes down to you being sneaky, hide somewhere, come up behind and boom.

Now as far the the rest of the team, to be honest I kind of think the zenyatta was a bad choice. He didn’t seem to do much but that’s just me. I’d have to watch more. I can say the enemy Lucio was getting ult a LOT and was deciding a lot of team fights

That’s all I got for now haha. Hope it helped some


Yes, perfect example. Reaper is good with flanking especially if you can keep his wraith cooldown. Also can use wraith to bait out stuff like cass flash or brig bash if you think he’s about to use it. But use it primarily for disengagement, or you’ll be in trouble most of the time.


i’ve had almost 100 kills by myself in a game and lost lol

having a high killcount feels good but ultimately its the advantage (or disadvantage) your team ends up with that matters… if i’m leading the lobby in kills and i’m doubling the enemy dps combined, i can still be contributing poorly because ow is a game of positioning and resources, not kills, which is a bit unintuitive. believe it or not you can carry a game by doing very little

if that doesnt make sense, i recommend watch some vod reviews from spilo, it will probably make it clearer what i’m talking about, and it’ll help get a feel for how impactful each kill actually is


Oh you’re on a losing streak are you? Watch that video and see if it sounds familiar.

Uusally DPS have a lot of kills, when you have a bad positioning of tanks letting ennemies continuously contest the payload. In attack they are behind payload, ennemies have just to touch it to stop it. It leads to have more teamfights than necessary.

I still remember a game on Route66. Our Orisa was far behind the payload and i had to kill continously ennemies who were coming back, one by one to stop it. I have finished with 60-65 kills… it was endless.

Derankers usually use that to boost their stats while loosing games and SR.

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In short, your aggressive flanking and ult usage could use some work.

Whenever you try and flank you usually get a kill, though you immediately go away and let the Mercy ress it for free, you dont even try to kill her. Other times you go in hard, use all of your abilities in the middle of the enemy team and die for nothing.

For your ult usage, i’d say over most of them were used at a bad moment. ult 1, 2:04, Mercy was at the edge of your ult and Orisa died because you killed her after the ult but then Orisa got ressed. Ult 3 at 5:40, Single target ult against a Rein, terrible ult. Ult 4 at 7:25, you got 2 kills but your moment of activation wasnt great, Lucio was moving out of its range and Rein was at 50 hp, Tracer recalling into your ult was probably luck. It might have been a panic ult because you were so low but I think you couldve shot and killed the Rein. Ult 5 at 13:00, a pretty risky ult into Sigma’s grasp, also not that great in general as the enemy team just capped point unless you were trying to spawncamp. Ult 6 at 14:50, ulting a Rein who is at ~75% hp and a Mercy who is near the edge of your ult. Again not a great ult because as you see their Rein just blocks it while walking back to his team.IMO only your 2nd ult was a good one in terms of timing. Maybe use Reaper’s ult more when you are flanking from behind rather than using it in a head-on fight.

For your Mei, you do know she has an alternate fire like Roadhog right? I see you only freezing and not using your projectile shot. Plus Mei’s ult is a bit like Tracer’s but with a longer arc, if you are in the middle of enemies throw it at your feet. Doing this likely wouldnt have mattered but its better if you know it.

In general your effectiveness as Reaper went down when they switched from Orisa/Hog to Rein/Sigma. I believe 30 elims on attack r1 to 13 on defence r1, 1 on attack r2, 3 on defence r2

Though I will admit, your team’s Rein is a true bronze player, at 2:07 its a 3v1 against a tracer and all he does is holding up his shield even with 2 supports.


Umm… 43 and 50 is 93, not over 100. Unless you mean by “duos partner” is 3 people, 1 plus a duo? In which case you need divide that by 3, as avg elims is what you think you want to compare? Did you get worthwhile picks? That’s really what it comes down at the end of the day. And I can grab Moira and get 74+ “elims” easy. But Zen is much more “effective” with lower elims.

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Do you know that your matches are being algorithmically handicapped?

Watched to your video and came to a conclusion.
Your bigest issue is enemy priotization, most kills you got were passive, meaning you didnt activly seek the kill they just walked close to you with low hp and you just gave the finishing blow who happened to be nearby.

You dont look for enemies and just push too hard hoping people will come to you, they do eventually which i would point out it was luck that you manage to kill them and survive but it wont always work (the enemy just reacted poorly)

Reaper has two playstyles either a flanker or tank busting, if your tank is unable to push you have the option to kill the supports/dps in the backline or brute force your way and kill the tank.

You get way too cocky thinking nobody will kill you, at times you just straight up die by just walking towards them, you taunted a roadhog who was at range to hook you.

Pacing is rather slow whenever there are no enemies in sight you just afk at times then ponder why the payload isnt moving then you see 3 other enemies that you left behind, if a enemy dies you instantly should look for other targets dont assume they are dead.

Positioning is important you died alot becuase you exposed youself too much you rely too much on healers to heal you that you just stand still and do nothing, if you are low seek for health packs, rarely you ever need a support to heal you because ussually you would be far away from tanks doing kills.

Okay to the mei
You priotize too much on freeze that you die, because you forgot you arent reaper anymore, she plays way different, you play her for the walls not freeze, you never used her icicle shot and just straight up walk to people and exposed youself too much.

You only need to freeze if they walk to you, not the other way around, you have to use her walls more to isolate targets. At times you just walk up to group enemies and die you should priotize more your safety and take more actions to get a better positioning.

You never used his optional ability which allows you to increase your speed gives armor and faster shoot rate.

Torb turrets works best if you are in completly opossite sides of the team, forcfully making a choice to go after your turret or your team, putting it in a hard spot where they get pincered is the best scenario for turret.

Anyway i notice you play those heroes because you are not confident in your aim.

If you are going to play heroes who dont require such high aim you should really focus on game sense, pacing and positioning, keep a goal of not dying ussually keep it below 5 deaths.

Your duo partner played really well i assumed he was silver (you already confirmed this but i already figured as much based on gameplay)
The only suggestion i make is increase his pacing speed and take more advantagueos positioning.

He needs to have more confidence in shooting the shields, at times he flat out refused to shoot it, even when ult was on, if there are no other targets, you shoot the barrier to force a retreat i think his biggest issue is that at times he will flat out ignore the tanks even when they are aggroing his tank or supports which is a no go. He could definitly reach to plat if he spend the time on gamesense, positioning and pacing, his aim discipline is really well.

The reason why you lost was becuase you didnt priotize targets, you died alot and was neglecful towards your tanks (your main tank had to fend of 3 people by himself zarya was doing all the heavy work, zen was putting discords which heavily inflated your kills (its a good thing but understand you werent the carry) and you had mercy dmg boosting whovever was the carry, rein doesnt have much support as this a damage comp all he had to do was not die and drop is his pacing lower for the low heal times he will get, rein played the minimal amount, but glad he understood what type of comp he was running, he could have played it better yes but he played the minimal amount.

You and your duo need to die less to take advantage of mercy rez you never got rezed doesn’t that seemed odd to you? you were way too deep for healers to ever heal you and didn’t utilized health packs. Think of it like this every death =6 kills you would have gotten everytime you died take away 6 kills because you lost time walking back to your team. so if you died more then 4 those 24 kills didn’t mean much.

You did not get 100 elims because its based on who has the kill lead you were behind your partner was in kill lead, you dont combine kills to get a result this overall tells the player who is the lead in kills not total elims.

Overall Die less, priotize targets and have a focus in mind that every kill you get look for somebody else don’t wait. Oh and also use health packs more and stop relying on your supports.

May i suggest hitting up on practice mode and practice tracking, strafe left and right around a targets head and try too keep the crosshair in the head its a good start to get a feel on your aim. if you keep practicing that, you will eventually get better at tracking like your duo.


I’ll explain it to you why:
Some games are uncarriable because you don’t have human beings on your team.

Been carrying with 3 mia (literal dodge)(no supports and a missing dps) tank main, not easy but doable would i reccomend hell no, everymatch is winnable but the requirments are absurb at best. what to take on this instead of contemplating on “bad teammates” you should waste time on seeing what you could have done better, because lets be real here if you made a mistake people will point it out, but they also make mistakes, the lower the rating, the more mistakes happen, whether you can sieze that mistake happening is on you.

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Eliminations doesnt matter, those are kills you participated in. Solo kills and final blows could count as carry tho.
I recently got 44 elims as lucio and lost.