10 Min Ban for DC

Apparently, you can get a 10 minute ban when you disconnect.
As someone who has unreliable internet (Starlink) this is a VERY common thing.
Blizzard, this is not right. I have no control when my internet goes out.

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As someone who also has occasional bad internet.

Before going into a match, check your ping by going into the practice range, that’s what I do


Starting in Season 7, we’re introducing a queue suspension for most game matchmaking queues. If you leave four of your last 20 games played, you will be placed on a 10-minute suspension from queuing for any game mode that grants progression progress. If you continue to leave games, your suspension could increase to 30 minutes between queues. We feel this is a balanced approach because it doesn’t directly affect those who are pulled away from the game—allowing them time before queueing again—while also making it tougher for those who deliberately leave to ruin the experience for others.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - October 10, 2023:

That’s why. You are repeatedly disconnecting. You may not have control over your internet disconnecting, but that’s not other peoples problem.


I got a 10 minute suspension for leaving 1 quickplay game. That’s right…1 quickplay game lol. And no, I hadn’t left 3 games prior in my last 20 games. But even weirder, I think it was a bug. Since I was still able to queue for quickplay.

You might want to report that if you haven’t already.

IDK in which world online multiplayer games and unreliable, unstable internet connection are supposed to be good “friends” OP. Sorry you got suspended but that means you are disconnecting … A LOT.


Sure, it sucks to get locked out for a few minutes for disconnecting. Take that time to figure out and fix your connection. No one else should be put into uphill fights because you decided to go in with spotty connection. It might not be your fault it’s spotty, but if you know your connection is flaky, you probably shouldn’t be making that other’s issue.

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people who say “check your Internet”, but what if it happened accidentally once and then you played a lot, but decided to leave another game yourself and you are given 10 minutes ban. is that fair?? I play enough games in a row and VERY rarely leave, so why the whole 10 minutes??? cuz i left 2-3 games?? and this message is “you spoil the impression of other players”, maybe I left the game because I have a very toxic teammate in my team and trolls, he does not spoil the impression of the game for me, I have to endure it and play to the end, waste my time? oke

No, you get a 10 minute timeout for repeatedly disconnecting. My internet dropped yesterday, I came back and immediately joined another match because I don’t leave matches regularly.

Then why are you choosing to play a team game and inflicting your internet on others?


Don’t play team based online games if you have a bad internet connection.


TBH the game ban for disconnecting for an unranked match should be taken by players to the california department of consumer affairs and filed under multiple complaints.

I dont like to be "that person’ when it comes to games and the whole “dont leave” matches thing.

But I do think the decision should be challenged between ‘reasonable’ and “unreasonable” expectations of this game.

in a competitive mode where it is a contest, I fully agree they have every right to suspend accounts, ban accounts and bar people from the mode for a specific amount of time, or to cut a person off from the mode. The mode awards something and if one player leaves, it hoses over the other players of said mode.

But with an unranked mode such as Quickplay Open Q, where such a contest does not exist. It should be under the clause of “unreasonable expectation” of a mode that is not a contest, but for pure recreational activity. it should be contested and litigated maybe infact a complaint should go to a regulatory commission to look at this specific rule. Because it bars a person from the service (and stacks) under circumstances.

I just leave and play Paladins during the 30 minute bans. I have not changed my leaving habits. They ruined Sombra so why would I care


it’s a non-issue. since backfills typically occurred within seconds.
the real reason for artificial queue prevention, was bc players were noticing rigged matches more often and departing them. devs created the problem and cared less until players begin leaving.
devs: “players are walking off the hamster wheel by leaving matches at will”, “okay let’s tone down the rigging and put artificial timeouts in place so that when we crank rigging back up to full throttle, they’re ****.”

Blame all the people who expoited leaving games cause they are losing, just to queue again… Bad behavior ruins it for everyone…


utter fiction. as if, rolling players was any more fun. as if, knowing that you’re gonna win within seconds was exhilarating. one dimensional thinking: “players want fair matches, exploit exploit”.

All my games never get rolled, Litterally win 1 team fight other team bails you can’t call that getting rolled… Happened constantly…


i’d say stream your claim. but you can’t. since stomps were toned down.

east coast, lost a team fight hard i change up my tactic, problem with people getting rolled is that i think most of those people are insane doing the same thing expecting different results…

There are so many heroes in the game, they there are quite a bit of tactics that can be played, problem is there are to many who wanna one trick instead of playing the hero that gives you the greatest chance of success… I will play any hero if it means i will win even if i don’t want to or like them…

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If your network connection is so bad that it throws you out of 20% of your games, perhaps online games aren’t for you

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Until they revert this stupid change. I wouldn’t buy any skins or any Merch in the store.

They haven’t shown us they are willing to fix match maker, so why bother imo.