1 tank 1 support 4dps

I want to ask you to go play a match of quickly classic where you take Mercy and ask you team to go 5dps to really feel the pressure lieing on the support player if healing solo. This comp works best on defense and ask if you can have an Ashe bc BOB is a really good ult to compensate for no tank.

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Yeah thats not happening.

If you want lower queue times, learn another role. DPS players are the reason role queue got added, because us support players and tank players were beyond annoyed at 4-5 dps a game.

Go play classic quick play if thats what you want, but keep in mind (assuming youre a dps player), youre the reason this got added in the first place.

If this format is done, Jeff already stated that your games would literally be “who kills whose support the fastest” and I concur with him especially in Masters/GM where I am currently. Promise you as soon as the gates open and we start pushing the objective one teams objective is to kill the support while the other team is there to baby sit that support. Do you really want that kind of playstyle?


1 tank, 1 support, 4 undeclared is I believe what you mean.

There’s nothing wrong with adding tanks or support as needed. The problem is having 2 DPS in a game where there is supposed to be action.

If a tank can’t duel a tank buster, then this idea is garbage. Get over it.
No tanks want to deal with a match against mei, Reaper and Doomfist.

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not going to happen…


Off support is different than off tank the off supports normally have the game changing ultimates or abilities ressurect/trans/beat.

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off tanks are really lowish damage high utility high survivability dps anyways, you could argue mei is one too

yes they was once meant to take space with their ultimates that deny space but why would you take zarya for grav if orisa has it on a cooldown and sigma has a better ult that dva/roadhog combined.

Just change the healer’s die mechanic so that he/she doesn’t respawn the same way?

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sorry what?

that sounds like a very very bad idea

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i never even specified how it would change or get implemented, but ok, bye.

The sheer idea of tank buster is just disgusting on its own. Tanks should be countered by better team comp or team play, not lazily press w and m1 on your gigantic hitbox.


Its disgusting untill you face an orisa or sigma as mcree that has a shield down they run dps over just as much as a hero designed to kill tanks also does ^

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That’s a problem of balancing, the game didn’t look like this 2 years ago. The power creep is just very evident, TTK are just too low, even in my rather low elo. I can’t imagine how bad it’s in master and what not…

its tanks pressing W on you and combo ults with orisas pull and most of them are team wipe ultimates dragon/flux/mei/matrix

I’m sorry but if you insist on saying that tank category is responsible for the flaws of the meta and two very specific tank heroes (sigma and Orisa), I can’t help but laugh at it.

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it is currently all down to orisa her pull combo is the strongest ability in the game it combos with a lot of the heroes you mention reaper/mei/hanzo/doom/sigma/baptise reaper and mei have counters and they are snipers and heroes that can move around the target on highground but how orisa/sigma work they can control highground from low ground all because of pull.

I don’t like Orisa sigma either, I hate this meta indeed. but killing the 222 comp will make dive and rein zarya unviable

It makes them a viable option while also opening many other metas how does it kill them?